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4 Common Samsung Issues That Need A Professional Repair

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4 Common Samsung Issues That Need A Professional Repair

There have been rapid technological advancements that have made it possible to make smartphones more powerful and versatile. People are now shifting to phones with more advanced specifications, HD cameras, and sophisticated features to meet their specific needs.

However, as any gadget gets used, technical malfunctions are inevitable. Samsung is no exception. 

These are the most common problems with Samsung phones:

1. Broken or cracked screen

Your smartphone’s screen can easily be broken or cracked by accidental contact with the ground. A cracked phone screen is not only unsightly but also dangerous for your fingers. People who try to repair it on their own often cause more harm than good. Hence, if you want your phone to run like new and in good health, it would be best to seek professional help where experts can easily fix or replace a cracked Samsung screen.

2. Water-Damaged Smartphone

Even if you spend a lot to get a waterproof Smartphone, the risk of liquid damage is still there. Smartphones have delicate internal circuits and water damage can result in the motherboard and other circuitry being completely destroyed.

You must remove the SIM, battery, and memory card from your Smartphone as soon it falls into the water. This will prevent any further damage. You can also hire experts to repair your problems and restore your Smartphone if you lack the skills or confidence.

3. Battery Not Charging, or Damaged

Samsung phone not charging is a regular problem that cannot be fixed without professional Samsung phone repair Sydney. You might notice that your Samsung phone is not charging even if you leave it on an overnight charge. Although it is common to blame the charger or power plug initially, you should make sure your battery is still in good condition. Check the power outlets and uninstall any apps that drain the battery quickly. It’s better not to try the same thing twice, and get professional help.

4. Damaged/Broken Power Button

In terms of functionality and looks, the Samsung power button is very similar to the home. If the power button of your Samsung phone isn’t working correctly, you can try cleaning around the button to fix the problem. If that fails, you can try plugging your phone into the charger port. It will then charge for approximately 20 minutes. You can try this if it works. However, if it doesn’t, you can call a professional Samsung repair company to resolve the issue.

Professional Samsung Repairs with a 100 % Guarantee

Smartphones can experience technical malfunctions regardless of their make or model. At Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert, we have a team made up of highly skilled and experienced technicians who can provide Samsung phone repair services in Sydney. We only use original, tested products to guarantee you get the best results.

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