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6 irrefutable risks of using an iPhone 11 with a cracked screen

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6 irrefutable risks of using an iPhone 11 with a cracked screen

There was a time when we did not need services like iPhone screen repair in Sydney. This is because the phones at that time were a lot tougher. Also, they were not as big as smartphones these days. You could just dust it off after picking it up and get on with your life. It was really easy when you come to think of it now. Now, if something bad happens to your smartphone it can give you a heart attack of sorts. This is even more so when we talk of the expensive iPhone 11. They are not built to last long, and this is something that you must understand.

The touch screen would not work properly

You may think that it is okay to use your iPhone 11 even after its screen has cracked. But that can be fraught with risks. The first of such issues would be a malfunctioning touch screen. In such a situation the most justifiable course of action for you would be to take it for iPhone screen repair in Sydney. You may think that the cracked screen would get better with time, but it really does not happen that way! In fact, if you keep using the phone screen in such a damaged state for a long time the touch screen functionality of the device would stop working at an optimum level.

The phone would not respond properly to the gestures you make with your fingers. So, it is better that you take the phone for iPhone screen repair in Sydney in case the screen gets cracked for some reason or the other. On top of this, the phone could be damaged further from all the oil, external debris, and dust that enter it through the cracked glass screen.

Even as you use the phone in such a condition for a long time you would only make the damage worse. This time the entire device would be affected by all the dirt coming through and you would have to spend more money to get it repaired. In that case, mere iPhone screen repair in Sydney may not suffice anymore.

Your fingers could be damaged

When the screen of a smartphone gets damaged it has glass splinters on the top that can be really bad for your fingers. So, whenever you swipe the phone with the cracked screen there is always a good chance that your fingers would get cut and it would cause you a lot of pain.

The situation can be even worse if it happens to your kids whose skins are softer and are thus susceptible to greater damage from such splinters. These tiny shards of glass can easily get stuck in their delicate fingers and cause considerable damage. This is why it is better than if you see a cracked screen you take the phone for iPhone screen repair in Sydney.

It would make your eyes sore

iPhone 11 has an HD (high definition) display screen. Its main function is to make your viewing experience a wonderful one. However, when the screen breaks you cannot see the display screen easily.

It is hard to view the contents on your screen because of the cracks. If you keep using your phone like that it would put a lot of strain on your eyes and that would make them sore for sure! So, if you want to avoid that possibility it is better that you take your phone for iPhone screen repair in Sydney in case the screen cracks.

Your device becomes vulnerable to external elements

The display screen is supposed to save your iPhone 11 from external elements that are actually capable of killing the device.

So, if you see that your iPhone screen has cracked it is better to take it for iPhone screen repair in Sydney. Otherwise, your device would not have the protection that it gets in these cases. One of the biggest issues that can happen to your phone in these cases is liquid seeping in through the cracks and leading to a short circuit.

You are exposed to radiation

IARC (International Agency for Research Cancer) says that the radio frequency emanating from devices such as smartphones has the potency to be carcinogenic as far as humans are concerned. So, as it is when you are using a smartphone with a full screen you are being exposed to such perilous radioactivity.

The problem only gets worse when the screen develops cracks. The amount of radiation you are exposed to is higher and, in the future, you become more susceptible to various health risks. So, if you wish to avoid them it is better that you take your phone for iPhone screen repair in Sydney when you know that you should.

It becomes very hard to perform the daily tasks

It is but given that we all use our smartphones for doing almost each and everything in our daily lives.

For example, iPhone 11 has a GPS (global positioning system) tracker that helps you navigate various places even if you do not know them. However, if the screen cracks or is compromised in some other way you would not be able to do any of that. Now, if you are a regular user of such software, it would cause you even more inconvenience, to say the least. Therefore you should get iPhone screen repair in Sydney done almost as soon as you notice any crack or other issues on your smartphone screen.

This is how it happens. You cannot understand the directions being provided to you on the phone screen. This means that you have to pay more attention to the device, and thus keep your eyes off the road. You lose your focus this way and that means there is always a safety hazard in the offing. The risks are even higher in case you are driving. So, you can now perhaps understand how crucial it is to avail of iPhone screen repair in Sydney at the right time. There is no way that you can put it off. If you are looking for quality iPhone screen repair in Sydney, then look no further than Dr. Ballu Mobile expert. They use top-notch multi-layered glass as a means to protect your iPhone. Call 0422334577 or visit for further details in this regard.

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