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Check Out These 5 Samsung Problems You Might Be Experiencing and How to Fix Them

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Check Out These 5 Samsung Problems You Might Be Experiencing and How to Fix Them

In this blog, we will cover the five most common issues with Samsung mobiles as well as their solutions. These solutions are very simple and can solve problems very quickly. Let’s begin with the most common problem.

Problem 1: Samsung mobiles have a high battery drainage problem

It doesn’t necessarily mean that your battery is not healthy. You can control other factors that could be causing your battery to drain at an abnormal rate and still have a long life span.

Solution: These are the steps you need to take to achieve your battery time goal.

  • If you’re not using GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth or other connectivity options, turn them off.
  • Use a phone optimizer to clean up the apps.
  • Turn on the Power Saving Mode.
  • Dim the screen brightness.
  • Remove live wallpapers.

These simple hacks will give you more battery life and allow you to use your phone for longer periods of time.

Problem 2: Samsung Mobile Screen gets stuck and unresponsive

The screen might become stuck in normal use, or the phone may not respond to touch. This could be due to your phone’s cache.

Solution: You can fix a screen that becomes unresponsive after a short time by unlocking and locking your phone using the power button. If the screen becomes stuck and the power button is not responding, then you can try restarting your phone by holding down the power button for 10 seconds.

If this happens more frequently, then a factory reset of your device is probably the best option.

Problem 3: Overheating issue in Samsung Mobile

Overheating is a problem that directly affects the battery in your phone. A weak or old battery could be a problem. The temperature outside can also have a significant impact on the heating levels of your phone. You may have noticed an unusual heating up of your phone in the summer.

Charging is another possible cause. When you charge your phone and use it simultaneously, your phone can get heated up and experience other abnormalities.

Solution: To resolve this problem, you can first replace the battery in your phone with a brand new one. Besides this, these simple steps will help you avoid overheating your phone if you don’t wish to replace the battery.

You can keep your phone safe by keeping it in an area with a moderate temperature so that you can use it.

  • Avoid direct sunlight contact.
  • Avoid using your phone while charging.
  • When you’re not using mobile data (4G), turn it off.

Problem 4: Problems connecting to Wi-Fi with Samsung Smartphones

It is not a problem to disconnect from a Wi-Fi network. Signal disruption can occur. It is not directly related to your smartphone.

Solution: If your phone doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi, try restarting it. Or you can just put it in Airplane Mode for 10-15 seconds to solve the problem.

Problem 5: Samsung Phone Apps are not available from the Google Play Store

Common complaints from smartphone users include apps not downloading from the Google Play Store. It can either get stuck or not start at all. This problem affects most Android users, but it is more common for Samsung users. This is nothing to be concerned about. Just make a few changes to your Google Play Store Settings.

Solution: Clearing the cache in your Google Play Store can fix this problem. Follow these steps: Go to Settings > Apps > Open Google Play Store. Clean cache and restart your phone to start downloading the apps.

Clearing the history of the Google Play Store is an option if this fails. Open Google Play Store > Settings > Choose Clean History. This will solve your problem.


If none of these solutions work for you, we at Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert can help you. We are experts in Samsung Phone Repair Sydney. We will provide a free diagnosis and get to the bottom of the problem as quickly as possible.

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