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Dropped Your Phone In Water? Know These Things To Restore It

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Dropped Your Phone In Water? Know These Things To Restore It

Imagine waking up and spending too much time on Facebook, Instagram, or any other app on your phone. While preparing for a good playlist for the bath your phone dropped out of your wet hands. You see your phone’s light still on as you pause to take it all in.  So, what should you do?

How do you proceed after you save your phone from drowning?

Possibly, you tried to clean your phone after it fell into the tub. Shaking a phone submerged in water will not be effective. After dropping your phone in water, it may still be possible to use it if you can retrieve it right away. However, you should expect muffled and stuffy speakers and a spongy microphone. The phone will eventually cease to function after too long underwater. Moreover, it would not be intentional for you to do this. There is little chance that your phone will explode. It usually happens when batteries or chargers malfunction.

What should you do after retrieving your phone from the water?

When you get out of your bath, you’re curious to see the extent of the damage to your phone. How much will it cost to fix? Does the liquid damage render your phone completely worthless? So you dropped your phone in the water? 

Turn it off

The first thing you do when you have an issue with your phone is to shut it off. Irrespective of how you feel about it. In the end, there is no other choice. Electronic engineers or experts know that putting a current through a wet electronic circuit can cause catastrophic failure.

Nowadays, phones automatically turn off after a certain period of time submerged in water, but that doesn’t mean they’re waterproof but this does not mean you should turn it back on after recovering your phone. Finally, we strongly advise shutting down and resetting your phone to prevent further damage or injury to yourself.

You can use a damp towel for this

We recommend wiping your phone down with a moist towel if it falls into a tub that isn’t filled with water. A lint-free, soft cloth should be moistened and wiped over your phone to ensure that no liquid is left behind. Wipe it down once again with a dry cloth once the liquid has been removed.

Ensure that all removable parts are removed

Before doing anything else, take off your phone’s case. The case prevents you from thoroughly cleaning your phone. The SIM card, memory card, and, if possible, the battery/battery pack will need to be removed from your phone. Make sure all removable parts are dry before reinstalling.

Pick the right towel

What kind of cloth or towel should you use to clean off your phone? Choose the softest material you can find. The device might become scratched and water-damaged if you do not do this.

Avoid damaging your phone by using a lint-free and soft cloth, such as the one you would use to clean your glasses. Whenever possible, choose the softest material possible to avoid scratching your skin.

Wipe the phone and any removable parts with the soft cloth

Probably you’re eager to see if your phone is still functional after it was submerged in water. The components in your phone are probably moist and any current would damage them much more, so don’t try to charge it.

Once you have removed the liquid residue from your phone and its parts, you should wrap them in an absorbent towel and store them somewhere cold and dry. It will take some time before you can determine whether you will need expert assistance after everything has dried.

It’s time to switch it on

The choice is yours on this day, from getting a new phone to saving a phone that has been submerged in the bathtub. It should take up to two days for your phone to dry completely after being spilled. If it turns on and functions normally congratulations. Plugging the device in to charge is not recommended if there is still water inside of it.

Contact  a good cell phone repair service

Even if you aren’t experiencing any problems and your phone is functioning regularly, it’s a good idea to visit us. You can click here for the best phone screen repair in Sydney.

It’s possible that problems don’t show up right away, and that you’ll have to deal with them much later after they’ve deteriorated. That’s why it is advisable to contact a nearby cell phone repair shop for a liquid damage diagnostic check. 

Bottom Line

In various instances, people’s phones end up in the water. These situations require the expertise of a professional. Your phone can be repaired at many respectable shops if it has been damaged by liquid. Follow the points mentioned above if you can’t get to your phone right away to protect them from irreversible damage.

Contact us on 0422334577 for water-damaged phone repair. We offer 24/7 services including on all iPhone and android models and also on-site repairs if needed. Our experts at Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert will fix your phone to perfection.

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