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Electronic devices and gadgets are a crucial part of the lives of the people in this era, and one never knows when he or she might need the help of an expert for an iPad repair in Blacktown. There might be some issue in the iPad’s functioning, or the display might have some lines and spots that make it difficult for a person to use the iPad. It requires precise knowledge to look inside an iPad for the cause of the issue. Well, we understand this and ensure to provide the best iPad repair services in the town.

Firm base

At Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert, we pride ourselves on offering quality services to the clients and winning their trust. Our team of experts helped us establish a firm base in the town and become the leading company for iPad repair in Blacktown. Our customers rely on us to repair their iPad and know that we use quality parts to replace the defective ones. We have a proven track record of a long list of clients in and across Blacktown with thousands of repaired models to date. Our customers only need to tell us the problem, and we look after everything to ensure that their iPad is functioning properly.


The only difference between a local repair company and a renowned company is that of its experience. While other companies may boast of providing the best services, the team’s experience is something that can work wonders when nothing else works. Sometimes, a person might not be able to repair an iPad, but we have a team of experienced staff who can sort out any problem occurring in the device. They provide temporary solutions and find the cause of the problem to come out with the best possible solutions.

Affordable prices

While many companies loot their customers in the name of iPad repair in Blacktown, we guarantee to provide our customers with the best prices. There is a misconception amongst people that repair of electronic devices and gadgets cost much, and they usually end up paying high to the repairer as they expect the amount to be high. However, we value our customers’ money and assure them of affordable rates for repairing their iPad. We have several customers because they know we charge a reasonable and genuine price for repairing their iPad.

Quick services

The best part about utilising our services is that we quickly repair the iPad of our clients. We value their time and know that they need their device back soon. With the help of our proficient team, we can deliver what no other company can do.

  • We offer hassle-free repair services.
  • Flexible payment options for the clients to make payments.
  • Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert offers a warranty on the services and parts replaced.
  • Our team provides customer-friendly and fast repair services.

With the best-in-class features, people choose our services over other repair companies. Contact our mobile experts today for iPad repairs.


Even though it has not been much time since you bought your iPad, it might have started showing problems. The iPads of many people show a problem with their charging. They will keep the iPad on charging for hours and still do not find it getting charged. That is when they need a shop for iPad repair in Blacktown. If your iPad is charging very slow or isn't charging at all, you can try doing one of these.

  • Attach the cable and power adapter that came with your iPad and check if it's charging the iPad.
  • If these accessories have suffered no damage, you can try removing the debris & cleaning the charging port of your iPad. If it still isn't charging, the charging port is damaged, and you need to go for iPad repair in Blacktown.
  • You may also try switching off the iPad and putting it on charging for half an hour. If the iPad has not got charged even in this duration, it needs a service.
  • Alternatively, you may also check the connections of the adapter & the cable and the connection of the charger with the charging point.

Many people are not aware of the fact that the warranty from Apple is voided if you ask any other service provider to perform iPad repair in Blacktown that is not an authorized service provider of Apple. If you are one of those people using an iPad, you might be well aware of Apple's terms and conditions that limit the services provided by the company during the warranty period. Because of this, many people usually opt for other service providers for repairs that will not void their warranty.
Well, if you are having a malfunctioning iPad and looking for a shop that will repair your iPad without voiding the warranty, you can approach us. We perform various kinds of repairs and replacements that do not fall under the warranty of your iPad. We perform iPad repair in Blacktown for services like:

  • Issues with the batteries occurring due to an accident and not because of the defects in material.
  • We repair cosmetic damages to your iPad that may include dents, scratches, and broken plastic.
  • Make repairs when you use other products with your iPad or problems occurring due to the usage of cable from another company.
  • Damages caused due to falling off your iPad in water or fire or any kind of external damages.

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