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Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert - Your One Stop Destination for Diverse iPad Repairing Needs

Has your iPad screen cracked? Did you drop it in the water or step on it? And if your iPad has been causing you problems lately, whatever the damage, you can count on Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert to fix them.

We have a team of expert iPad repair technicians, who can repair the iPad in as little time as possible. Yes, you may decide to fix the issues at home, but we would recommend not doing it as this way your iPad can become more damaged and you must pay more than before for repairing. Instead, you can entrust us with the repair. Even though we charge the minimum for repairing services, it never diminishes the quality of the repair. We are confident about the repair quality, but if you find any issue after our repair, we offer a complete warranty on all our products.

Our specialties:

  • Free shipping on services at a specific rate
  • Secure payment methods with some reliable refund policies
  • Price guarantees on each iPad repair service so that our clients can choose us confidently.
  • Hassle-free replacement if any of our repairing jobs cannot meet the standard.

What type of iPad repair service can you get from us?

At Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert, we offer a complete range of iPad repair service in Parramatta, which include:

  1. iPad screen repair
  2. iPad LCD repair/replacement
  3. iPad water damage repair
  4. iPad battery replacement

Why do our clients prefer us?

  • We maintain a strong relationship with our clients: We have maintained a strong relationship with each of our clients by offering the best-in-class iPad repair service throughout the years. Our clients choose us every time because of the trusted service they get from us. We always deploy genuine spare parts to the iPads, and then the adjustments are made according to the Apple standard. Here, we always recommend the best course of action as per your needs, so you can start using the product immediately without worrying about anything.
  • We offer on-time delivery of the products: A fast iPad repairing, and replacement service are what we provide in Parramatta with the help of an efficient and technical team. And it makes it easy for us to deliver the iPads to our clients in the time, as promised after the initial review of the gadgets. Besides, we use the latest tools and techniques for repairing jobs. So, there is no chance of quality compromise.
  • We offer cost-effective iPad repairing services: No matter what type of repair or replacement you need in your iPad, we can offer you at a cost-effective rate. We are proud of our services, and we leave no stone unturned for customer’s satisfaction. We follow no repair, no charge motto. So, if you want to get a reliable iPad repairing service, then contact us!


Did the display of your iPad blackout? Can you see blurry spots and lines on the display of your iPad? The display of your iPad is probably ruined and all you need is a reliable shop for iPad repair in Parramatta. While there are many possibilities of repairs in your iPad, there are high chances that you need to change the LCD screen. If only the glass of the iPad is broken and the display is working well, you need only to change the glass.
Many times, some blurry spots appear on the screen over time. If not the spots, one may notice lines on the screen or see anything on the iPad screen. Here arises the need to change the iPad's LCD and approach an authorized shop for iPad repair in Parramatta. If the damages to the screen are major, you will also notice that the touch sensitivity of the iPad is lost. Different types of options are available for varying kinds of repairs, but you know the repairs will come at an expensive cost to you when it comes to a damaged display. You have no other option than to ask the technician to change the LCD screen of your iPad.

One of the most common problems that people usually face is an unresponsive iPad. You may push the button to lock the screen and open the lock only to find out that the iPad is still not responding. Before you turn to a shop for iPad repair in Parramatta, you can try various options to check if there is some internal problem with your iPad or if it is a minor issue. Many people usually go to an iPad repair service provider without attempting to check their iPad. A better idea would be to check the issue first by yourself and then turn it up to technicians when nothing works.
If the screen of the iPad is frozen or appears black, you may try to force restart the device. You need not worry as this is only an alternative and will not erase the data in your device. If this does not work, you can opt to plug in the device allowing it to charge for some time. Many times, the devices start responding after a certain period when you put them on charge. If everything is plugged in properly, you will see the charging option on the screen. If the iPad still does not respond, you can then approach a technician for iPad repair in Parramatta.

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Quality iPad Repair Services in Parramatta

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