iPhone SE 2020 Repair

services icon16 9 Battery Replacement
services icon1 21 Screen Replacement
services icon3 11 Charging Issues
services icon7 6 Loudspeaker Issue
services icon22 Home Button Issue
services icon4 7 Ear Speaker Issue
services icon20 9 Front Camera Issue
services icon24 6 Microphone Issue
services icon8 5 Mute and Volume Button Flex
services icon9 5 Power Button Issue
services icon10 13 Rear Camera Issue
services icon10 18 Rear Camera Lens Replacement
services icon11 5 Ringer Issue
services icon12 1 Sim Tray
services icon13 6 Vibrator
services icon14 2 Wifi/Bluetooth (Antenna Flex)

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Please contact our specialists if you have any questions about the repair of the iPhone SE 2020 or the associated costs. To talk with a member of our experienced staff who can provide you the information and support you need, call 0422-334-577. As an alternative, you might come see us in person to talk about your issues.

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iPhone SE 2020 Screen Repairs

To restore the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your iPhone SE 2020 if its screen is broken, damaged, or not operating correctly, our professionals may replace it. We utilise appropriate replacement screens for the iPhone SE 2020 that are of the highest quality. These displays ensure a smooth user experience by providing exceptional visual clarity, responsiveness, and durability.

iPhone SE 2020 Back Glass Replacement

We are aware that mishaps may occur, and your iPhone SE 2020's rear glass may get scratched or broken. Fortunately, our knowledgeable technicians are specialists in offering precise same-day iPhone SE 2020 rear glass repair services.

iPhone SE 2020 Battery Replacement

Replacement of the battery can increase the battery life and functionality of your smartphone if you're having problems with your iPhone SE 2020's battery, such as quick discharge or poor charge retention. Get the best iPhone repair services at an affordable price.

iPhone SE 2020 Charging Port Issues

Our professionals can identify and fix any problems with the charging port to guarantee correct performance if your iPhone SE 2020 is having difficulties charging or connecting to a computer. For many iPhone models, we can provide a very competent charging port replacement service.

iPhone SE 2020 Motherboard Repairs

To pinpoint the precise motherboard problems with your iPhone SE 2020, our professionals will conduct a thorough evaluation of the device. This enables us to precisely identify the issue and identify the best repair options. We source high-quality components that meet or exceed the original specifications of your iPhone SE 2020, ensuring reliable and long-lasting repairs.

iPhone Water Damage Repairs

Our professionals at Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert, Sydney specialise in offering first-rate iPhone water damage repair services. We are aware that your iPhone may suffer serious repercussions from water damage, which might impair its performance. 


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Depending on the nature and complexity of the problem with your iPhone SE 2020, the repair time may change. Minor fixes, such replacing a screen or battery, may frequently be made in a few hours or even the same day. However, if components need to be obtained or the gadget needs significant repairs, more complicated issues might take several days to resolve.

Depending on the type of repair required and the condition of the warranty, the cost to repair an iPhone SE 2020 might change. Minor fixes, like replacing a screen or a battery, frequently have set costs, but more involved fixes may need a thorough cost evaluation by the specialist. For precise price information, it is essential to ask at the service centre or get in touch with Apple's support about the cost of the particular repair.

Yes, wherever feasible, we give the usage of authentic components for iPhone repairs first priority. We are aware of the significance of employing high-quality components to guarantee the device's optimal performance and lifespan. When authentic components aren't readily accessible, we utilise high-quality, reliable third-party replacement parts instead.

We can still fix iPhones that are over their warranty, yes. We offer repair services for many types of iPhones, regardless of whether your device is still covered by warranty or not. We strive to offer affordable repair options.

We provide a comprehensive range of iPhone repair services at our shop, including those for the iPhone SE 2020. Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert provide a variety of services, such as screen replacements, battery upgrades, charging port fixes, camera, speaker, and microphone repairs, software debugging, and repairs for water damage.

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