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# 1 Phone Repairs and iPhone Screen Repair in Baulkham Hills

Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert- Professional and Expert iPhone Repairing Service

Is there a crack in your iPhone? Has it got water damage? Are there battery and charging issues? Or are there some problems you do not know? No matter whatever the case, if you are facing some problems with your iPhone, then choose us for a complete iPhone repair service. We are one of the leading experts in phone repairs in Baulkham Hills, and we have the expertise of repairing iPhones of almost every make and model.

About us - Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert

A trustworthy iPhone repair shop in Baulkham Hills:

At Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert, we know that your phone plays an important role in your life. Therefore, we offer our clients fast turnaround time and the best quality service along with premium parts and competitive rates. And whenever you give us your phone for repair, we aim to repair it as early as possible. With the help of a team of highly experienced and fully skilled mobile technicians, we aim to complete most of the phone repairing jobs, including iPhone screen repair as early as possible. We assure you a 90-day warranty on all our iPhone screen repairs.

This ensures that no matter whatever issue your phone is facing, we will deal with it with ease. And once we repair the device, it will not only look like new but also last for long. For instance, if you have a broken iPhone screen and want iPhone screen repair service from us, we offer you a high-quality spec glass that encapsulates high strength and durability. This means that your phone would function to the highest potential.

If you are worried about the cost of phone repairs, then there is nothing to worry about. Here we charge just a fraction of the total cost of services offered by our competitors while maintaining a better quality.

iPhone repair services we offer:

At Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert, we offer a complete range of iPhone repair services that include:

  1. iPhone LCD repair
  2. iPhone screen repair
  3. iPhone on/off switch repair
  4. iPhone home button repair
  5. iPhone volume button repair
  6. iPhone battery replacement</span
  7. iPhone camera repair
  8. iPhone volume button repair
  9. iPhone charging port repair
  10. iPhone motherboard repair/replacement
  11. iPhone liquid damage fixing
  12. Devices unlock
  13. Data backup and recovery
  14. Other services

Things that make us different:

At this company, we have the most proficient technical staff members, who are well-equipped with the latest equipment for mobile phone repairing. The expertise of these people helps us to offer some sustainable solutions to each of our clients, who choose us for iPhone repair including iPhone screen repair. Because of the high competency of our team members, we also discover and repair all the visible and hidden issues in the iPhones.

Contrary to other iPhone repair centres in Baulkham Hills, we offer repairing services rapidly and fast. The competent and large team members of our company allow us to attain our clients effortlessly. Starting from screen repair to complete phone repairs, here we accomplish every job on urgency.

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    Did you accidentally slip your iPhone from your hands and got the glass shattered? Are you looking for a service provider for iPhone screen repair in Baulkham Hills? Well, our technicians can repair your iPhone at the earliest. Many people try to avoid going to a repair shop when the glass on their iPhone’s shatters. However, what they do not understand is that the longer you keep the shattered glass, the more damage to your phone will be. You must make sure you get the glass replaced as early as possible to avoid further problems.
    If your iPhone slipped from your hands and the glass of your iPhone is chipping off, you must opt for a replacement service. Sometimes the damage to the iPhone might be more than what is visible. There might be a display breakdown or lost touch sensitivity behind the broken glass. If you opt for iPhone screen repair in Baulkham Hills, the technician can tell you if there is damage only to the phone's glass or if the LCD screen also got damaged. This will help you make the relevant repairs to your phone. You can get the LCD screen changed to avoid a broken display or a phone with non-functional touch.

    Is your phone having some issues in functioning? Are you worried about the payment for phone repairs in Baulkham Hills? Our technicians are here to repair your phone and give it back into your hands in working condition. Many companies providing phone repairs charge a lot of money and even ask for advance payment for the repairs. Well, we do not ask you to make the advance payments. We understand that a person wishes to pay for the mobile phone rear services only when he or she is satisfied with the services and his or her phone is functioning well.
    Our technicians first inspect your phone and evaluate its condition. After a thorough evaluation, they quote the price for the phone repairs in Baulkham Hills and ensure that you are ready to pay that price. When you agree to the repairs & costs for repairs to your phone, our technicians will start their work. They will make all the necessary changes and replace the damaged parts with new ones of original quality. They check if the phone is functioning after the repairs and if it is functioning, they hand over the phone to you. When you are satisfied that your phone is in good condition and usable, you can then pay the price for the repairs.

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