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Professional iPhone Repairs and Genuine Part Replacement in Rydalmere

Are you facing any technical problem with your iPhone? Did you drop your iPhone in a pool of water or onto a concrete surface and now looking for experts to repair or replace it?

If yes, then Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert is your one-stop iPhone repair centre in Rydalmere. We are industry experts and have been in the service for several years.

About us - Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert

Who are we?

Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert is the name you can bank on. The USP of our iPhone repairs in Rydalmere is that we are on the wheel mobile phone repairs and parts/accessories replacement. We have grown into a reliable and reputed team of professionals catering to unparalleled iPhone repairs and other instant service delivery.

In addition to this, we are amongst the few that have the largest range of phone accessories. We understand your requirements and know the importance of a smartphone like an iPhone. Therefore, considering this fact, we are into all sorts of repairs and products services.

Services we Cater to

Apart from the other brands, we are perhaps one of the few companies that cater to iPhone repairs in Rydalmere. The following are the list of services that you can get under us —

    • iPhone Screen Repair/Replacement

Damage to iPhone screens is common, one of the most common among them is cracked screens. We are among the few on the wheel mobile phone repairs that instantly and at your doorstep cater to such services. We provide you with top-notch services related to LCD repair and ascertain that you get a genuine replacement for the same if required.

    • iPhone Battery Replacement

Get in touch with Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert if the battery of your iPhone needs replacement. We provide you with a genuine battery and part replacement. Our spare parts also come with a warranty.

    • iPhone Repairs due to Water Damage

Another common issue that most of our client’s face is the damage to their iPhones because of water spillage or phones falling into the water pool. Water is the biggest foe of an electronic device. If you drop your iPhone then, bring it to us. We are one of the reputed professionals catering to iPhone repairs in Rydalmere who can correct this damage.

Why Choose Us?

With so many companies catering to the iPhone and other mobile repairs, we stand tall as one of the most reputed ones. Being invincible in this business, the following are some of the top reasons why coming to us for iPhone repair is the right decision you are going to make.

  • On the spot repair services because of being on the wheel mobile phone repair services provider.
  • Quality assurance on repair work
  • Genuine parts and accessories
  • We stock genuine products/parts of other models as well at the best price.
  • An expert team of professionals capable of catering to any time of iPhone repair

Get in touch with us. We offer a streamlined diagnosis of the problem before addressing the issue. No appointment is needed. Call 04 22 33 45 77 for more details.

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    Yes, we do offer a warranty on our repairs. At Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert, we offer you a warranty of 90 days for the repair work that we do. However, this does not include the part warranty. The warranty on parts for iPhone repairs in Rydalmere is greatly on the offered warranty period by the manufacturers. In most of the cases, it is a limited warranty. You also need to go through the terms and conditions of the centre.
    In case your device does not function within those 90 days or our repair, you can bring it to us. We would do the repair for the same.
    Also, you need to know the conditions when the warranty can be denied. If we find any modification or an effort to open the device, apart from the professionals from Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert, has been done, then the warranty stands null.
    Also, you need to pay attention to the warranty terms. It can vary from defective products to free repairs. It is not always that you will get a 90-day warranty. In case you have opted for repair and services under some special offer, you are not entitled for the repair or exchange. Also, there are some parts that do not have any warranty. Please ask our experts regarding the same.

    Issues related to phone batteries are very common. As of now, we get a large share of servicing and replacement associated with a battery replacement for different kinds of phone and phone models. iPhone repairs in Rydalmere have become more and more replacing the battery. It is true that the phone's battery does not die suddenly, and this makes it difficult for the mobile phone user to detect whether the phone's battery is in good health or not.
    The following is the checklist on how to detect whether the phone’s battery is great or not—

    • Look out for a bulging or swelling in the phone’s battery. It is advised not to use a phone with a swollen battery.
    • Check out if the battery area gets heated on charging or while using.
    • Back-up for the battery has reduced considerably. Meaning, comparing it with the time when you first purchased it. Determining how long you can use the phone after having it fully charged. If it is not more than 4/5 hours of extensive usage, be assured of getting it changed in the next one month.
    • Observe for abrupt charging. For example, if your phone is getting 100% charged in an abnormal time, then your battery needs to be replaced

    The above-mentioned are some of the signs a person should look for before ascertaining that his phone’s battery is going to die soon.

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