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Repairing an iPhone 12 pro max is expensive

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Repairing an iPhone 12 pro max is expensive

Apple provides a one-year limited warranty on all of its products. This means that Apple will repair your iPhone 12 pro max for free if anything breaks during the first year of ownership. This warranty covers your iPhone 12, even if you did not purchase it directly from Apple.

This limited warranty, however, does not cover accidental damage. This means that if the screen cracks or the iPhone stops working after being dropped, you must pay for the repair yourself. Even if an iPhone 12 gets water damage, even though the phone is water-resistant, you have to pay for the repair yourself.

How much does an iPhone 12 Repair Cost?

The cost of repairing an iPhone 12 varies depending on the model and the extent of the damage. While you can replace a broken display or a faulty battery, most other issues require a complete device replacement. Apple lists the repair prices for the iPhone on its website. You can view their rates by visiting the website.

Repairing an iPhone 12’s display

The iPhone 12 pro max display is the most durable iPhone display ever made—so hopefully it won’t crack easily. The disadvantage is that shatterproof displays are more scratch-prone.

If you’re unfortunate enough to crack the display on your iPhone 12, you’re in for a costly repair. The iPhone 12 Pro range is priced similarly to the previous generation, at $279 for the Pro and $329 for the Pro Max. However, some smartphone repair service providers are offering their services for the iPhone 13 Pro screen replacement Northmead.

How to Repair an iPhone 12’s Battery

The iPhone 12 saw little improvement in battery performance over the iPhone 11. If you opt for the smaller iPhone 12 mini, the battery life will be even shorter. Apple’s battery replacement prices, on the other hand, are reasonable and consistent across the entire iPhone lineup. It costs $69.99 to replace the battery in an iPhone 12 or iPhone 11 device. The entry-level iPhone SE (2nd generation) is even less expensive at $49.

Substituting for an iPhone 12 device

Apple doesn’t usually do modular repairs for most of the parts of the iPhone, which means that if you have a broken screen or a faulty battery, you’ll almost always have to get a new phone.

A substitute for a service iPhone is a brand-new iPhone or an iPhone that has been refurbished by Apple to meet the same specifications as a brand-new iPhone. It doesn’t come with any extras or packaging, and you can only get a service replacement if you still have your old iPhone.

While a replacement iPhone 12 is less expensive than an off-the-shelf model, it is still quite costly.

It costs the same as it did for the iPhone 11 range to replace an iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max: $549 or $599, respectively. However, a replacement iPhone 12 costs $50 more at $449, while the iPhone 12 mini costs $399, the same price as a replacement iPhone 11.

Is AppleCare+ required for the iPhone 12?

If you’re worried about the service costs associated with repairing an iPhone 12 pro max, you should consider purchasing AppleCare+ protection. This does not eliminate all costs, but it does make them less expensive in the event of accidental damage.

What About Third-Party Repairs for the iPhone 12?

You may believe that if you break your iPhone 12 pro max, you can save money by having it repaired by a third party. However, Apple has never been kind to third-party service providers, making it difficult to open and replace the device’s components. However, the iPhone 12 appears to be the most challenging yet.

This is because it appears as though Apple has serialized every component in the iPhone 12, which means that replacement parts must be registered on Apple’s official servers to function.

Third-party service providers are unable to do so. As a result, even if they used genuine Apple parts and replaced a small part, a third-party repair could make your iPhone 12 unusable.


Apple has been gradually increasing repair costs for several years. Even more so now that third-party repairs are no longer an option due to Apple’s policies. If you ever need to repair your iPhone 12 and do not already have AppleCare+, you should prepare for an extremely expensive visit to the Apple Store. Luckily, many service providers are offering their services for the iPhone 12 pro max screen replacement Granville.

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