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Mobile Phone Water Damage Repairs

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Mobile Phone Water Damage Repairs

Android and iPhone Mobile Water Damage Repair Specialist

Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert is a leading on the wheel mobile phone repair specialist in Sydney. We also have a range of accessories that are new as well as repaired, that you can purchase. You can be assured that your mobile phone repairs will be handled with great priority and done right at the first time itself. All the accessories sold are of premium quality.

Everyone likes to get their hands on a new phone- be it an Android or an Apple. With regular day to day use, your phones can sometimes come in contact with water, especially during summers when you go for a quick dip in your pool or a nearby beach. When water enters your phone, it can certainly damage them. You might lose out on all your contacts, important files and lastly, your costly tech- iPhone or an android phone.

What can be the after-effects of a water damaged phone/iPhone-

  • You will observe water makings or the evaporation behind your screens.
  • Your ports may become corroded (Headphone, SIM Slot, Charging Port).
  • Most phones now come with a Liquid Damage Indicator (LDI); it changes colour from red or maroon if any liquid damages your phone.

Firstly, in case you have dropped your phone in the water, remove the sim card, memory card, and anything else plugged into the device. And then dry the phone with a towel. Keep the device still so the water does not spread further into the phone and damage it more. And keep the phone off for at least 24 hours before turning it back on. And if following this advice does not help you, you need to get professional help.

Here’s how professionals at Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert can help you:

  1. We can help you clean and dry your phone internals-
    When your phone gets water damaged, even if you restore it yourself, you may find some water droplets being formed, this is because water has entered your phone’s internals. Vacuum, silica gel and rice cannot reach out to these internal areas. However, when you visit us, we repair water damaged phones, by carefully disassembling your phone and cleaning internal parts and joints using an alcohol solution to prevent internal corrosion from taking place.
  2. Powering ‘ON’ a wet phone can permanently damage your phone-
    When electricity and water combine, it leads to a short circuit. One should resist the urge to charge your phone or even try to power them back on after getting water damaged. A professional will ensure that your phones are thoroughly dried out from inside out to turn back the power on safely.
  3. We thoroughly go through all the parts-
    A mobile phone damaged by water may not show immediate signs; it may seem that all is fine at the surface, but you cannot know for sure if your internals is working fine. Our qualified and trained experts will repair your water damaged phone and inspect each component thoroughly to ensure your mobile is working exactly as needed.

Why you shouldn’t try to repair your phone by yourself:

  1. Rice and Silica Gels don’t always work-
    While there are several cases where a phone can start working after being placed in rice or silica gel, they do not truly pull out all the moisture from the phone internals. Sometimes using rice can cause additional problems as it can get stuck to your charging ports or the headphone jack. If the moisture sensor fails to shut down your phone on time, it can affect your motherboard, display, battery or other internal components. Instead of waiting for your internals to corrode for the next 2 days, visiting a phone water damage repair specialist immediately gives you more chances to restore your phone.
  2. Self Repair can void warranty and Insurance-
    While many manufacturers’ warranty gets void when you drop your phone in water, there is still a chance to get your insurance carried out. On the off chance that you try opening your phone to get them repaired, your phone’s warranty and insurance both get void. Hence, let our experts repair your water damaged phone to help keep your insurance intact.

It’s better to save your phone from any kind of water damage to prevent it from being repaired or in the worst case; you might have to purchase a new one. You can also get your phone insured as most manufacturers’ warranty gets void on phone water damage.

To get your water damaged phone repair done, contact us on 0422334577. We are open 24/7 and can help you out with your android or iPhone water damage repairs done at the best prices. We also provide doorstep repair services if required. You can trust Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert to get your repairs done with perfection.

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