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Things to consider before iPhone battery replacement

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Things to consider before iPhone battery replacement

A majority of the population across the globe uses iPhone because of its exquisite features and the rarity that this device possesses. These features have only added to the ever-increasing demand for this phone and made it a favourite of all. With time, people are looking forward to purchasing an iPhone and making an investment in this device. Like others, iPhone users also start experiencing some issues with the device as their phone gets old. While some may get their phone screens smashed, some others need an iPhone battery replacement in Sydney. Not everybody is aware that they need to know before approaching a technician for battery replacement. However, there are a few variables that one must consider before opting for battery replacement.

Do you need a battery replacement?

It is not mandatory that you need to get the battery of your iPhone replaced if your device is showing some issues. There might be many other reasons why your phone might not be charging or is experiencing specific issues. You must check the charging port and power adapter & cable of your iPhone to ensure it appears alright. If the components of the charger seem alright & connected perfectly to the socket, you need to opt for an iPhone battery replacement in Sydney. Now, the battery of the iPhone does not come at a small cost. Given the high costs of the battery, you need to keep in mind certain tips that will help you evaluate the battery’s performance and ensure that you are investing in the right one.

The condition of the battery

The batteries of a phone start degrading with time, especially when you have a phone consisting of lithium polymer batteries that do not last a lifetime. However, this does not necessarily mean that the battery is dangerous for use. It does mean that the battery cannot stand the length of time used to when the phone was new. Also, this happens not just with the battery of the iPhone but with the battery of any phone or tablet that contains a rechargeable battery.

Now, there are two possibilities for the condition of your iPhone battery. Either the battery will start going down soon or you will experience a phone shutdown every now & then. Well, the newer versions of iOS have come with a Battery Health monitor provided in the settings. If the percentage of the same is above 80%, the health of your iPhone battery is fine & you don’t need an iPhone battery replacement in Sydney. The battery health also reveals the sudden phone shutdowns that happened in the past. This indicates that the battery is unable to deliver the required power.

Reasons for battery failure

Because of the repeated use, the iPhone battery may lose its potential. With that, many other reasons contribute to the degradation of the battery. Two of the most common reasons for battery degradation are battery temperature and swelling of the battery. The ideal climate for battery storage is 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. So, if you are leaving your phone near a cold can or in a car on a hot day will affect the chemical in the battery.

Another cause may be storing the device for a long period with a fully charged battery. You must not keep your battery flat or fully charged if you plan to store the device for a long time. A better idea would be to store the device with a battery of around 60 percent to 70 percent. Maintaining this battery level and then storing it will not cause any damages to your battery and it will not fail to provide power to its original capacity.

Prime considerations

When you plan for an iPhone battery replacement in Sydney, you must know what you are going for and ensure that you have a backup plan. Most repair technicians fail to hand over your phone back to you in its original condition despite having years of experience in making the repairs. Well, you already have an added benefit of using the iPhone that is amongst the most popular phones and has replacement parts available. When you have a technician that can make quality repairs with quality parts, you know that you will get a promising service.

Apple service centre

If your phone is under warranty or if you have insurance coverage for the damages to your iPhone, the most informed decision on your part would be to visit an Apple-authorized service centre. This is mainly because you get the benefits of repairs at a cheaper cost or even for free under the warranty or coverage. If you are carrying none, visiting the centre will still get you a fair deal of iPhone battery replacement in Sydney because you will have access to the right parts. Some centres also offer a mail-in service where you can get your battery replaced while relaxing at your home.

Battery features

Before you opt for a battery replacement for your iPhone, you need to consider the various features that the battery must possess. These features will ensure a long-lasting battery with excellent performance in the long run for your phone.

  • Ensure that the battery packaging indicates the voltage and milliamp-hours similar to that of the original battery.
  • The new batteries must be true zero cycle batteries that have not been used before. While some vendors reset the battery cycle count and resell used batteries, approaching a quality supplier will make sure you get new batteries with zero cycle count.
  • Ensure that the new battery has proper adhesive for securing the battery in the phone.


Considering all these factors before a battery replacement will ensure that you find a quality supplier for your new battery. This will also help you get a brand-new original battery that has all the features for better performance. Get in touch with the best technicians at 04 2233 4577 and you will never have a frown on your forehead for the repairs and battery replacement of your iPhone.

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