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Things You Should Immediately Do if you Have Broken your iPad

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Things You Should Immediately Do if you Have Broken your iPad

Overwhelming situations do not exactly have to lead to equally devastating responses. That precious iPad of yours might have slipped from your hands and broken. However, do know for a fact that you are not the only iPad owner in the whole wide world who has suffered this. There are many like you out there- and it is definitely “not the end of the road” for your iPad! There are stores engaged in iPad repair in Guildford that will tell you how they have successfully repaired broken iPads on not one but several occasions.

So, instead of being consumed by despair, just acquaint yourself with the things you need to do without delay if your iPad has broken (for any reason whatsoever!)

Analyse the damage

As we have already hinted before, you need to stay calm. Yes. An iPad is an expensive device. However, it does not necessarily imply that a broken iPad cannot be redeemed in any which way whatsoever and can only be replaced (which again would mean a huge drain of money). It is important to stay calm and analyse the extent of damage that your device has suffered. Psyching out at this moment might as well lead to the analysis paralysis – which will render it incapable of accurately estimating the extent of the damage. If it is only cracked glass, then a credentialed store offering iPad repair in Guildford can fix it. They can even replace the shattered glass.

Be careful

Please be careful while you are in the process of estimating the damage. Do not end up injuring yourself. Do not continue using the device if the top glass is broken to avoid the risk of injury. The safest thing to do here would be to keep the device sealed away in a separate bag that you will eventually be carrying to a store providing iPad repair in Guildford.

Watch out for toxins

Though it is very rare, there might as well be chances of your battery leaking toxins. It happens only when the entire case gets seriously damaged. Your iPad battery will give out an odour if it is leaking those toxins. The toxin may also be identified as a small amount of liquid coming out of the shattered battery. Put away the iPad in a sealable bag without delay so as to cut off any chance of contact with anyone else.

Is your LCD in shape?

Your screen is perhaps one of the very first things that you end up checking when your iPad breaks. The LCD is the illuminated screen that rests beneath the top glass. Once again, your LCD is most likely to work even when the glass is shattered. However, if you start noticing wavy lines or if your screen has started distorting the image, then you will have to get the LCD replaced as well.

Check the camera

If yours is an iPad 2, you should test both the rear and the front camera after breaking. Check out if the pictures and selfies are coming out just fine or not. If you end up noticing a crack on any one of your cameras, then make sure you are notifying the repairer about the same.

Put your device on charge

If your battery is not damaged, then put your device on charge. Connect it to your computer through a USB cable (a low voltage one) and watch out for the battery charging symbol on the screen. If it is not charging, then be prepared to cough up money for USB port repair as well. It is not that it will cost you a fortune, however, it is better to take stock of the repair needs, as much as is possible for you. When you take your device to a store engaged in iPad repair in Guildford, they will definitely guide you better.

Perform a backup

This is a very important step that you need to incorporate here. Make sure you are performing a backup of your iPad data by connecting it to iTunes through your computer. It is unfortunate if your device is rendered unable to perform this back up after it has broken. However, do check once whether it can back up your data or not. This is something that even the store providing iPad repair in Guildford will ask you to do before they start working on your device.

Test the Wireless Connections

There are times when the wireless connections of an iPad might as well be impacted after it has broken. So, make sure you check the Wi-Fi bars and the 4G signal, and if everything looks fine, you do not have much to worry about. However, if there is an identifiable problem, you need to discuss with professionals engaged in iPad repair in Guildford regarding the costs!

What about the back of your iPad?

Check out if the aluminium backplate of your iPad cover is fine or not. If there is a small dent or if it has been damaged in any other way, then it might as well have to be replaced.

Do not Depend on DIY!

Last but not least, do not end up turning to a DIY iPad repair tutorial on YouTube. Remember repairing an iPad, regardless of how “little” the job is, should be best left to professionals. Your job is to find the people who are best in the job. There is no dearth of stores offering iPad repair in Guildford. Do make sure that you are resorting to extensive research to find out who the best among these professionals is. Look up reviews online, seek personal recommendations from friends, ask them the reason/s behind their choices, and then settle for a decision. This might also take a little more time but will prove beneficial in the long run.

After all, you simply would not want your precious iPad to fall into the wrong hands.

So, this is our list of the top 10 things that you should do immediately if you have broken your iPad! Should any such mishap take place, we hope this primer will turn out to be immensely helpful for you.

Repairing an iPad takes a lot of expertise and knowledge. Call 0422334577 or visit the best in the business for your satisfaction.

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