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What Is Required To Repair A Water-Damaged iPhone?

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What Is Required To Repair A Water-Damaged iPhone?

If water gets inside your iPhone, you could face several problems, but experts can resolve these concerns. Anyway, we’ll talk about a few water-related issues here and how to try to fix them. We will also go through how professionals will fix water-related problems with your iPhone.

Let Your iPhone Dry

It will help if you let your gadget air dry after dipping it in water before taking it to a professional who offers iPhone water damage repair. Additionally, you should wipe the water off the surface and the SIM card tray, headphone jack, and charging port with an absorbent towel. However, before performing any of them, turn off the device to avoid a short circuit and remove the casing to prevent water from getting inside.

Component Replacement

Try turning on your iPhone once it has completely dried. Now, if you notice it is not turning on, you should prepare for internal component damage that professionals can only fix.

The expert will disassemble your equipment and look for interior damage or short circuits. Then, to restore functionality to your iPhone, they will swap them out and reassemble every component.

iPhone Not Charging

After dropping the gadget in water, you might also have this issue.

Water gets inside the device through the charging port typically results in water damage. Naturally, the internal components deteriorate when they are exposed to water.

The battery and the actual charging port are two parts of the iPhone that suffer rapid damage when introduced. The latter may become short-circuited, and if this is the problem, the expert fixing a water-damaged iPhone in Sydney will swap out the battery and the latter.

Fixing Screen Problems

Water can harm your iPhone’s screen, causing black areas underneath the display and breaking several other components.

To prevent this, you should turn off your device after removing it from the water as instructed before and then allow it to dry for two to three days. Restart it after that to make sure everything is in functioning order. If not, you will need to have it fixed by a professional.

Replacement will be the only choice if the technician finds the screen and other components defective.

Malfunctioning Speakers

If the speakers on your iPhone stop working after you drop them in water, that is another symptom of damage. However, as the damage might only be temporary in this case, you should dry it out first before seeing if the speakers work once more. However, if you have no luck, you must have your iPhone repaired. Visit a reputable professional for that since he can resolve the issues quickly.

Contact Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert to have your water-damaged phone repaired. We are here around the clock to assist you with getting the most affordable repairs for your water-damaged Android or iPhone.

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