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Mobile phones

We repair all major brands of phones that have broken screens, displays and water damages.


We repair tablets of their water damages, screen issues such as replacement screens and more.

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Fast Turnaround Time

We are very quick with everything and if it means that if we reach out to you right now, we will try to do that. It’s very rare that we come up short in delivering anything successfully within the given day.



We provide warranty on everything and in case something goes wrong, we will do the needful.

Flexible Payment Options

Flexible Payment Options

You don’t have to worry about if the money is there in your pocket or not , you can pay us through any of the digital platforms as well. We are accept card payments too.

Outstanding Customer Service

Outstanding Customer Service

We provide fantastic customer service to all our clients. The customers can reach out to us for anything. We will make sure that we leave them satisfied and solve any concerns.

5 Star Service

You can just check out our ratings if you don’t believe in what we are telling you. Our customers have given us a 5-star rating! It means that we are a one stop shop for phones in Sydney!

Sydney Wide Availability

We are not restricted to our shop only, we serve all over Sydney. Customers all across Sydney have benefited from our home services. It has been a win-win situation for both parties.

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Why choose us

Quality guarantee

We use only the top quality spare parts for all repairs that we perform. Our quality spares makes our repair quality even better with an exceptional level of service.

On site repairs

Either you visit us or we will visit you to provide our quality repair services at your door. Our commitment to quality service and affordability is unmatched and untainted.

Shop the Latest Accessories and Cases

Quality Phone Accessories & Second-Hand Phones in Harris Park, Sydney

Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert – Leading Phone Accessories

At Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert, we possess the biggest range of phone accessories. We know and acknowledge how important these phones are for our clients. Therefore, we would like to assure them by offering all the accessories they need in this context under one single roof. So, we are the number one name for phone accessories in Harris Park. We offer our clients an array of products to choose from that includes, but is not limited to:

  • earphones
  • memory cards
  • chargers
  • phone cases
  • screen protectors  

Our screen protectors

With the help of our screen protectors, our clients could keep their phones free of scratches and other such damages.

We have a wide range of screen protectors to choose from that are made from top quality materials such as tempered glass and quality plastic. Therefore, whenever people need the best phone accessories in Harris Park, they inevitably come to us. Our screen protectors can be used with smartphones from all top brands. We usually ask our clients to buy the ones made from tempered glass, as it is a multi-layered material that offers plenty of strength. This also means that the phone suffers a lot less damage due to the tempered glass.

Our products are economical

Just because we offer the best products in this category in town, it does not mean that our prices are skyrocketed. Our clients can be sure that when they buy a second-hand phone in Sydney from us, they would save quite a lot of money, too. When one considers the quality, we offer on our products, it is the best deal. We know that we are a one-stop shop in this industry and we are proud to be so. When it comes to refurbished devices in this category, we are the undisputed leaders for sure! Apart from our quality check, we also make sure that we take no product that is not in proper working order. Therefore, we can offer the finest second-hand phones in the region.

Reasons to choose us to buy a pre-owned smartphone

We know that people may wonder why they should buy these products from us, considering there are so many other service providers in the region who can offer them the same thing. Well, we would like to tell them we offer them the best value for the money they spend on buying second-hand phones from us. This is because we have the most stringent system of quality checks in the region. We make sure we check all our products thoroughly before we decide to sell them.

We never compromise on these aspects. Therefore, when our clients buy these phones from us, they get all the features and the quality that they would get in a new product of the same model and brand. Not for nothing are we the top name for second-hand phone in Sydney. We always make sure that they are in their original condition. We also offer warranties with all our products.

We make it easy for our clients to get quality products

Thanks to us, it has now become a lot easier for people in the region to buy top quality refurbished smartphones. This is a major reason people acknowledge us for being the top name for phone accessories in Harris Park. Apart from our testing, we grade the products. This makes sure that our clients know what they are getting into when they buy these products from us. It is this undying commitment to quality that has made us the leading name for second-hand phone in Sydney.We know that many people in the region think that they could not buy a second-hand phone because of the expenses. However, we would like to assure one and all that with us this is not the case. We always keep our clients in mind when we fix the prices of our products. We always want to make sure that our clients get the best deals from us.

What do our clients get from us?

We know how important these devices are for our clients. Therefore, we stock all kinds of used smartphones – Android and iOS phones, especially when our clients are buying them from a market-leading brand such as us. Many people are apprehensive about buying these phones, but when they buy from us, such issues stop existing. We guarantee that.

Are these phones worth buying?

Yes, they are, especially when our clients are buying them from a market-leading brand such as us. Many people are apprehensive about buying these phones, but when they buy from us, such issues stop existing. We guarantee that.


Yes, at Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert we do sell phone accessories. In fact, we have the biggest range of phone accessories in this regard. We know how important these products are for you and we acknowledge the same as well. This is the reason why we offer you all the accessories that you may need in this regard and that too under the same roof. This is the reason why we have become the top name for phone accessories in Harris Park. We offer you all a wide range of products to choose from in this regard such as the following:

  • Earphones
  • Phone Cases
  • Memory Cards
  • Screen Protectors
  • Chargers

We offer our clients some of the best products to choose from in this context. This includes the likes of screen protectors. By using these you can be sure that you would be able to keep your phone free of damages such as scratches. Our mobile accessories are always made from the very best accessories out there. For example, our screen protectors are made from the likes of high-quality plastic and tempered glass. Therefore, whenever people need phone accessories in Harris Park, they always end up coming to us.

We at Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert are your best option for phone accessories in Harris Park and one of the major reasons for that is the fact that we accept all kinds of payments for our products and services. If payment is made to us as required, we are fine with whatever type of payment method you use. As an organization, we believe in making things as convenient for you as possible. We know that these are tough times and we do not want to make it even more challenging for you by limiting the options you have for paying us for our products and services.

Yes, we do sell a second-hand phone in Sydney. We also provide the best accessories to go with these phones to make it a great experience overall for you. This includes the likes of the following:

  • earphones
  • phone cases
  • memory cards
  • screen protectors
  • chargers

One of the greatest things about our range is that it is always expanding. We always make sure that we get products made from the best materials. This makes sure that they do not suffer as much damage as may have happened with the inferior products. This is how we make sure we offer you the best value on our products.

When you are buying a second-hand phone in Sydney there are a few things that you must check. You should make sure that the phone has not been stolen. For this, you must ask the seller for proof that they have purchased the phone from its previous owner. Make sure that the phone you are buying is a genuine product. For this, you must explore the phone settings menu where you would get critical information such as the model number and other such hardware specifications. Always get the phone checked by an expert in detail. This is especially applicable to the physical part of it.

This is one of the best ways to make sure that you are getting a genuine product. Always carry out a service code test. Doing this would make sure that all the various aspects of the phone are in perfect working order. Make sure that you can use the ports and accessories properly. You need to do this especially when you are buying the accessories of the phone as well. You must also select a product that has the best price. Keep these factors in mind and you can be sure that you would have the best second-hand phone in Sydney.

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