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Looking For Mobile Phone Repair Shop Near You?

Need a mobile phone repair

Whether a misfortune happened with your phone or you dismantled it you need a trusted mobile phone repair who can give it back to you the same day. If you want to get your precious mobile phone repaired then open your browser and type the phrase “mobile phone repair near me” and it will lead you to some of the best mobile phone repair in your local area. But it’s difficult to find a genuine one who got a dedicated training in the mobile repair training course. You need a mobile phone repairing service near you who has positive reviews on the internet. If your mobile phone has developed following problems then you can visit Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert because we are the trusted and experienced in this service.

Your Battery Doesn’t Look to be able to Hold Up

How can you use your phone when it isn’t working properly? One of the most frustrating problems with mobile phones is battery drain. Mobile phone problems that are caused by user abuse are common. If your phone seems to be dying too quickly or taking forever to charge up to 100%, don’t hesitate to bring it to us. You might need to replace or repair the battery if you’ve taken steps to conserve your battery. Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert technicians can inspect your phone and give you a cost estimate and time frame for repair. For a walk-in repair, you can either mail it in or bring the phone to our store.

Your Screen is cracked

Our phone screens are made from glass so it is not surprising that they can break if they come in contact with hard surfaces like the ground. Cracks can cause problems with touchscreen response or allow in moisture. It’s crucial to repair your phone quickly and if you are new in the city then ask people around you for the “trusted mobile phone repair near me” and you will get us.
You should replace your screen as soon as possible if it has cracked. As with many smartphone problems, prevention is the best option. You can protect your smartphone with a durable case or screen protector. We know that your phone is your most important tool. If it goes down, everything will go down in your day.

Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert allows you to get quick, efficient screen repairs in as little as one day. With us, you can keep the phone that you love without having to set up a new one. You can have your phone repaired as quickly as possible, sometimes in as little as a few hours.

Your Device got wet

Even the most careful of us can have an accident. It can be frightening to see your phone submerged in water. Your mobile phone may seem like it’s gone forever. Don’t be discouraged. Water damage is a problem that can be difficult to solve, but there is still hope. Just bring it to the Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert and our technicians will assess the extent of damage and take apart the device to dry it out. We can then repair or replace any damaged parts.

Northmead’s Professional iPhone Screen Repair Service

Northmead’s Professional iPhone Screen Repair Service

Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert has the best technicians in Northmead. They can provide iPhone screen repair Northmead services that are high-quality and timely, regardless of which model or version you have. Our reputation is for finding the most cost-effective, practical, and accurate solutions to any problem, no matter how simple or complex.

Do you need iPhone screen repairs services

Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert has the specialty in iPhone screen repair Northmead. If you are looking for an experienced iPhone screen repair Northmead then you have done half the job by come to us. Because we have a long history of experience in iPhone screen repair Northmead services. Experience is important because our highly skilled technicians have repaired hundreds upon thousands of iPhones. All possible iPhone problems have been solved by our technicians, including screen repairs and glass repairs.

Fast, professional and genuine phone repairs within your budget

Our services are unmatched in speed, reliability, and quality. We provide comprehensive solutions for iPhone screen repair Northmead for various apple devices such as iPhone 6, 7, 8, X, and 13. We know how difficult it can be finding the right place for your iPhone’s screen repair.

Our repair experts can fix screen of your iPhone in 60 minutes.Our quality of work, materials, and friendly customer service make us the best iPhone repair company that you can trust. We offer a reasonable price for repairs and a warranty. Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert is the name you can trust for iPhone screen repair.

Our iPhone Screen Repair services

Are you experiencing a broken screen on your iPhone due to an unfortunate accident? All issues related to your screen can be addressed by Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert.

  • Cracked glass
  • Leaking displays
  • Swiping by itself
  • Refrain from touching
  • Dim displays
  • Flashing colours
  • Green displays
  • Nothing appears
  • Screen issues relating to the logic board

Are you having an issue that isn’t listed? Or would like to learn more about how these problems occur. Send it to us for a free repair quote and a discussion with our team.

Why should you choose us?

Our expert technicians and quality services are what set us apart from our competitors. We are different because of our services and work approach.

Proficient Expert

Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert’s strong establishment is made up of experts who help you make your iPhone look brand new. Our experts can solve any problem with your iPhone’s screen or other parts with ease thanks to their vast knowledge.

Reasonable price

It is not hard to see that price is the most important thing people pay attention to. We have a lot of experience and we know what people want. This is why all services are reasonably priced. We ensure that every person receives expert assistance.

Punctual Services

We understand how important these gadgets are in your daily life. Therefore, we will return the phone as quickly as possible. The screen will look and functions exactly like a brand new one. We will try to return your phone in 60 minutes. However, depending on how the screen is checked.

4 most common Samsung repairs that can’t be solved without professional repairs

4 most common Samsung repairs that can’t be solved without professional repairs

The first problem that comes to mind in this particular regard is a cracked and broken screen. So, if your Samsung phone’s screen is in such a condition, it is natural that you would need Samsung screen repair in Granville to deal with the issue. There is no doubt that the Samsung phones are as reliable as they come. They are one of the finest brands in the world in that particular regard. However, accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. The worst part of all this is that you would never see them coming. Just imagine how you would feel if your Samsung phone suddenly fell from your hands to the ground.

At the very least the screen of the device would get cracked. It would be heart-wrenching, to say the least, and you would have no other option than availing of Samsung screen repair in Granville. Crying over spilled milk does not really help you, does it? So, the most that you can do at such a stage is regret the moment when the accident happened. You must remember that if your mobile phone’s screen is cracked it would look bad, to begin with.

At the same time, it could be bad for your fingers as well. Therefore, it is so important that you seek Samsung screen repair in Granville in case such an accident happens. Quite often people refuse to take professional assistance in these cases and try fixing the issue themselves. However, it is always better to not take such a step. Remember that this is the work of professionals and only they can do it properly. So, rather than trying such critical work yourself, it is better to take your valuable phone to people who know what they are doing.

The thing is that you would find good stores in Granville that would do the work very well for you. However, it is always important in these cases to err on the side of caution and choose the best option that your money can buy.

Screen damaged by water

The good thing with this particular issue is that these days most smartphones are built in such a way that the screens can resist the effects of water. Still, the possibilities of any damage cannot be ruled out altogether. The thing with all smartphones, including the Samsung phones, is that their interior circuits are rather delicate.

So, if somehow the liquid gets through the outer shell, it can cause considerable damage. It can harm the motherboard and also make sure that the entire phone works poorly. So, if you are faced with this issue, it is better to seek Samsung screen repair in Granville. There are however a few steps that you can take yourself in these cases. If your phone has dropped into the water, you should remove its battery, SIM (subscriber identity module), and memory card immediately. This would help you avoid further damage to the phone.

Now, if your Samsung mobile still does not start to function properly you should take it to professionals who offer services such as Samsung screen repair in Granville. Please do not waste any time in such cases. These technicians are competent experts. So, they are best suited to check how bad the damage is and the correct course of action given the situation that your phone is in.

Battery failing to charge the right way

This is also one situation where you must seek the services of professionals who do Samsung screen repair in Granville and other such work. The thing with Samsung phones is that everyone highly appreciates them for how long their batteries last. This is why you can use these phones for such a long time without changing the battery. However, there would be times when the battery would not take charge the right way. Now, there are several reasons as to why this may happen. Have you noticed any such issue with your Samsung smartphone?

Then you must take it in all seriousness. In fact, there are a few steps that you can take in this regard yourself before you take the phone to professionals who offer services such as Samsung screen repair in Granville. First of all, uninstall all the apps that you do not use regularly. They may be draining the battery of your cell phone. After that, recharge your mobile phone and see how it is performing in that particular respect. If your phone still does not work properly, you take it to the professionals.

The technicians who offer Samsung screen repair in Granville are skilled experts. They would be able to identify the main reason for such a problem and eliminate it rapidly. So, you should let them do their job with their usual levels of proficiency.

Damaged and broken power button

In some models of the Samsung phones such as Galaxy, the power buttons are almost the same in appearance as the home button. In fact, both these buttons work the same way as well. You can always take a few steps yourself to make sure that the buttons stay in good condition for a long time to come.

It is always better to clean around it regularly so that there are no issues with it for a long time. This will also make sure that you do not have to take it often to professionals who offer Samsung screen repair in Granville and such services. If this does not give you the results you should try charging it for around half an hour. It can be hoped that this would do the trick and your smartphone would start to charge after this step.

Still, if it does not work do not try any extra steps on your own. Take it to a company that offers the likes of Samsung screen repair in Granville. You can be sure that they would fix the issues with the button. Call 0422334577 or visit the best in the business for your satisfaction.

Things You Should Immediately Do if you Have Broken your iPad

Things You Should Immediately Do if you Have Broken your iPad

Overwhelming situations do not exactly have to lead to equally devastating responses. That precious iPad of yours might have slipped from your hands and broken. However, do know for a fact that you are not the only iPad owner in the whole wide world who has suffered this. There are many like you out there- and it is definitely “not the end of the road” for your iPad! There are stores engaged in iPad repair in Guildford that will tell you how they have successfully repaired broken iPads on not one but several occasions.

So, instead of being consumed by despair, just acquaint yourself with the things you need to do without delay if your iPad has broken (for any reason whatsoever!)

Analyse the damage

As we have already hinted before, you need to stay calm. Yes. An iPad is an expensive device. However, it does not necessarily imply that a broken iPad cannot be redeemed in any which way whatsoever and can only be replaced (which again would mean a huge drain of money). It is important to stay calm and analyse the extent of damage that your device has suffered. Psyching out at this moment might as well lead to the analysis paralysis – which will render it incapable of accurately estimating the extent of the damage. If it is only cracked glass, then a credentialed store offering iPad repair in Guildford can fix it. They can even replace the shattered glass.

Be careful

Please be careful while you are in the process of estimating the damage. Do not end up injuring yourself. Do not continue using the device if the top glass is broken to avoid the risk of injury. The safest thing to do here would be to keep the device sealed away in a separate bag that you will eventually be carrying to a store providing iPad repair in Guildford.

Watch out for toxins

Though it is very rare, there might as well be chances of your battery leaking toxins. It happens only when the entire case gets seriously damaged. Your iPad battery will give out an odour if it is leaking those toxins. The toxin may also be identified as a small amount of liquid coming out of the shattered battery. Put away the iPad in a sealable bag without delay so as to cut off any chance of contact with anyone else.

Is your LCD in shape?

Your screen is perhaps one of the very first things that you end up checking when your iPad breaks. The LCD is the illuminated screen that rests beneath the top glass. Once again, your LCD is most likely to work even when the glass is shattered. However, if you start noticing wavy lines or if your screen has started distorting the image, then you will have to get the LCD replaced as well.

Check the camera

If yours is an iPad 2, you should test both the rear and the front camera after breaking. Check out if the pictures and selfies are coming out just fine or not. If you end up noticing a crack on any one of your cameras, then make sure you are notifying the repairer about the same.

Put your device on charge

If your battery is not damaged, then put your device on charge. Connect it to your computer through a USB cable (a low voltage one) and watch out for the battery charging symbol on the screen. If it is not charging, then be prepared to cough up money for USB port repair as well. It is not that it will cost you a fortune, however, it is better to take stock of the repair needs, as much as is possible for you. When you take your device to a store engaged in iPad repair in Guildford, they will definitely guide you better.

Perform a backup

This is a very important step that you need to incorporate here. Make sure you are performing a backup of your iPad data by connecting it to iTunes through your computer. It is unfortunate if your device is rendered unable to perform this back up after it has broken. However, do check once whether it can back up your data or not. This is something that even the store providing iPad repair in Guildford will ask you to do before they start working on your device.

Test the Wireless Connections

There are times when the wireless connections of an iPad might as well be impacted after it has broken. So, make sure you check the Wi-Fi bars and the 4G signal, and if everything looks fine, you do not have much to worry about. However, if there is an identifiable problem, you need to discuss with professionals engaged in iPad repair in Guildford regarding the costs!

What about the back of your iPad?

Check out if the aluminium backplate of your iPad cover is fine or not. If there is a small dent or if it has been damaged in any other way, then it might as well have to be replaced.

Do not Depend on DIY!

Last but not least, do not end up turning to a DIY iPad repair tutorial on YouTube. Remember repairing an iPad, regardless of how “little” the job is, should be best left to professionals. Your job is to find the people who are best in the job. There is no dearth of stores offering iPad repair in Guildford. Do make sure that you are resorting to extensive research to find out who the best among these professionals is. Look up reviews online, seek personal recommendations from friends, ask them the reason/s behind their choices, and then settle for a decision. This might also take a little more time but will prove beneficial in the long run.

After all, you simply would not want your precious iPad to fall into the wrong hands.

So, this is our list of the top 10 things that you should do immediately if you have broken your iPad! Should any such mishap take place, we hope this primer will turn out to be immensely helpful for you.

Repairing an iPad takes a lot of expertise and knowledge. Call 0422334577 or visit the best in the business for your satisfaction.

How to Find Quality Samsung Repair Services in Parramatta?

How to Find Quality Samsung Repair Services in Parramatta?

Cracked screens, though the commonest, are not the only repair needed that Samsung phones have. According to an estimate, 1 in every 4 Samsung owners ends up breaking the phone within the first 6 months of use! And, the damage can well be attributed to the way they handle their phones, rendering them highly susceptible. Besides the cracked screen, however, there are a host of other repair needs that we will walk you through in this post. However, the focus of the write-up today is not the repair needs that Samsung phones have but how you can find professionals providing quality Samsung repair in Parramatta. Read on to explore.

Find a store that caters to variant problems

As we have already mentioned above, your Samsung Galaxy might as well have more problems than broken glass. Water damage, broken home button, under-performing battery, broken USB, charging ports, power button, and jacks are common repair needs that most of the professionals offering Samsung repair in Parramatta deal with, on a regular basis. You might as well come across professionals who are not adept at fulfilling such diverse repair needs. You might as well settle for their services if they can offer a solution to the specific issue you are faced with at present. However, do remember that they may not be able to help you with some other problems that may arise in the future. So, always be on the lookout for the one that can offer versatile repair solutions. After all, the importance of these professionals in our lives can never be undermined! They are the ones who make sure that even with complex problems, our phones are not necessarily replaced! It is always better to find one professional adept at tackling various repairs instead of finding 10 different professionals for 10 different problems.

How well-equipped are they?

That is the thumb rule! A professional engaged in Samsung repair in Parramatta should always be well-stocked. We have already told you about the diverse repair issues that might stem from time to time. And, besides skills, the repairer also needs to have the required tools to ensure that the diverse repair needs are met successfully. These professionals also require access to specialised tools besides simple tools to address complex repair problems. In fact, in many cases, a well-stocked shelf ends up being the first thing that inspires confidence among users who visit stores offering Samsung repair in Parramatta. So, if you are visiting a store likewise and are trying to gauge credentials, you can always ask the repairer whether he has the required tools or whether he will be outsourcing services to someone who has the tools needed for the repair. In fact, you must do this if yours is a complex repair issue.

Prioritise their reputation

There are not one but several avenues to facilitate your research. By now, we hope you have a fair idea about some of the qualifications that a Samsung repairer should have to be considered by you (wide range of tools, versatility, etc). These are integral to the quality of work offered by the professional. And it is the quality of work delivered by the stores that are crucial to the reputation that they end up garnering. Now, it is impossible to build goodwill and reputation overnight. You might as well be in a hurry to get your phone repaired (broken glass or home button or no matter what the problem is). However, make sure you are settling only for quality Samsung repair in Parramatta. There is not a dearth of professionals who can take care of simple problems with ease. However, if you are looking for more refined repairing skills, you must invest due time in your research. You cannot expect to find a remedy overnight.

Watch out for stores that have earned positive reviews on a consistent basis. Look up the online reviews of the stores offering Samsung repair in Parramatta. What are the users saying about the quality of services delivered by these stores? Prioritise the ones that have garnered positive reviews on a consistent basis. The ones that have got mixed reviews should be contacted if it is absolutely impossible to get in touch with the ones with top-notch reviews. Strike off the names that have got mostly poor reviews.

What are they charging?

The repair charges usually vary with the type and extent of the damage your phone has suffered and the quality of parts being installed. The service charges usually do not vary vastly owing to the highly competitive nature of the market. You can always secure quotes from multiple stores providing Samsung repair in Parramatta. It is important on your end to make sure that you are drawing judicious comparisons. While it is absolutely understandable that an abnormally expensive repair doesn’t make sense to you (instead of buying a new phone altogether), make sure you aren’t settling for the cheapest of services randomly. While securing quotes from repairers try to understand the reason behind their quotes. It will take time. However, this is the best way to judge the suitability of the quotes – eventually making an informed decision about the choice of the professional offering Samsung repair in Parramatta.

Speed of work

The speed of work depends on the extent and nature of the damage as well. However, that simply does not mean that a complex problem will actually go on to take an eternity. Today, it is difficult to “academically”, “professionally “and “personally” survive without your device. Keeping the increasing importance of mobile phones in view, even complex repairs are completed within a desirable timeframe. When you are choosing a store for Samsung repair in Parramatta, it is always better to ask them how long they will take to repair it so that you have a fair idea of the number of days you will have to go without your phone.

Hopefully, all the tips mentioned here will help you make an informed decision regarding your choice of professionals providing Samsung repair in Parramatta. There is a lot of thought about choosing the right professionals, but the wait is worth it! I hope you find the best one for your Samsung phone!

When you are searching for the best Samsung repair services, do visit or Call 0422334577 or visit for further details in this regard.

Things to consider before iPhone battery replacement

Things to consider before iPhone battery replacement

A majority of the population across the globe uses iPhone because of its exquisite features and the rarity that this device possesses. These features have only added to the ever-increasing demand for this phone and made it a favourite of all. With time, people are looking forward to purchasing an iPhone and making an investment in this device. Like others, iPhone users also start experiencing some issues with the device as their phone gets old. While some may get their phone screens smashed, some others need an iPhone battery replacement in Sydney. Not everybody is aware that they need to know before approaching a technician for battery replacement. However, there are a few variables that one must consider before opting for battery replacement.

Do you need a battery replacement?

It is not mandatory that you need to get the battery of your iPhone replaced if your device is showing some issues. There might be many other reasons why your phone might not be charging or is experiencing specific issues. You must check the charging port and power adapter & cable of your iPhone to ensure it appears alright. If the components of the charger seem alright & connected perfectly to the socket, you need to opt for an iPhone battery replacement in Sydney. Now, the battery of the iPhone does not come at a small cost. Given the high costs of the battery, you need to keep in mind certain tips that will help you evaluate the battery’s performance and ensure that you are investing in the right one.

The condition of the battery

The batteries of a phone start degrading with time, especially when you have a phone consisting of lithium polymer batteries that do not last a lifetime. However, this does not necessarily mean that the battery is dangerous for use. It does mean that the battery cannot stand the length of time used to when the phone was new. Also, this happens not just with the battery of the iPhone but with the battery of any phone or tablet that contains a rechargeable battery.

Now, there are two possibilities for the condition of your iPhone battery. Either the battery will start going down soon or you will experience a phone shutdown every now & then. Well, the newer versions of iOS have come with a Battery Health monitor provided in the settings. If the percentage of the same is above 80%, the health of your iPhone battery is fine & you don’t need an iPhone battery replacement in Sydney. The battery health also reveals the sudden phone shutdowns that happened in the past. This indicates that the battery is unable to deliver the required power.

Reasons for battery failure

Because of the repeated use, the iPhone battery may lose its potential. With that, many other reasons contribute to the degradation of the battery. Two of the most common reasons for battery degradation are battery temperature and swelling of the battery. The ideal climate for battery storage is 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. So, if you are leaving your phone near a cold can or in a car on a hot day will affect the chemical in the battery.

Another cause may be storing the device for a long period with a fully charged battery. You must not keep your battery flat or fully charged if you plan to store the device for a long time. A better idea would be to store the device with a battery of around 60 percent to 70 percent. Maintaining this battery level and then storing it will not cause any damages to your battery and it will not fail to provide power to its original capacity.

Prime considerations

When you plan for an iPhone battery replacement in Sydney, you must know what you are going for and ensure that you have a backup plan. Most repair technicians fail to hand over your phone back to you in its original condition despite having years of experience in making the repairs. Well, you already have an added benefit of using the iPhone that is amongst the most popular phones and has replacement parts available. When you have a technician that can make quality repairs with quality parts, you know that you will get a promising service.

Apple service centre

If your phone is under warranty or if you have insurance coverage for the damages to your iPhone, the most informed decision on your part would be to visit an Apple-authorized service centre. This is mainly because you get the benefits of repairs at a cheaper cost or even for free under the warranty or coverage. If you are carrying none, visiting the centre will still get you a fair deal of iPhone battery replacement in Sydney because you will have access to the right parts. Some centres also offer a mail-in service where you can get your battery replaced while relaxing at your home.

Battery features

Before you opt for a battery replacement for your iPhone, you need to consider the various features that the battery must possess. These features will ensure a long-lasting battery with excellent performance in the long run for your phone.

  • Ensure that the battery packaging indicates the voltage and milliamp-hours similar to that of the original battery.
  • The new batteries must be true zero cycle batteries that have not been used before. While some vendors reset the battery cycle count and resell used batteries, approaching a quality supplier will make sure you get new batteries with zero cycle count.
  • Ensure that the new battery has proper adhesive for securing the battery in the phone.


Considering all these factors before a battery replacement will ensure that you find a quality supplier for your new battery. This will also help you get a brand-new original battery that has all the features for better performance. Get in touch with the best technicians at 04 2233 4577 and you will never have a frown on your forehead for the repairs and battery replacement of your iPhone.

6 irrefutable risks of using an iPhone 11 with a cracked screen

6 irrefutable risks of using an iPhone 11 with a cracked screen

There was a time when we did not need services like iPhone screen repair in Sydney. This is because the phones at that time were a lot tougher. Also, they were not as big as smartphones these days. You could just dust it off after picking it up and get on with your life. It was really easy when you come to think of it now. Now, if something bad happens to your smartphone it can give you a heart attack of sorts. This is even more so when we talk of the expensive iPhone 11. They are not built to last long, and this is something that you must understand.

The touch screen would not work properly

You may think that it is okay to use your iPhone 11 even after its screen has cracked. But that can be fraught with risks. The first of such issues would be a malfunctioning touch screen. In such a situation the most justifiable course of action for you would be to take it for iPhone screen repair in Sydney. You may think that the cracked screen would get better with time, but it really does not happen that way! In fact, if you keep using the phone screen in such a damaged state for a long time the touch screen functionality of the device would stop working at an optimum level.

The phone would not respond properly to the gestures you make with your fingers. So, it is better that you take the phone for iPhone screen repair in Sydney in case the screen gets cracked for some reason or the other. On top of this, the phone could be damaged further from all the oil, external debris, and dust that enter it through the cracked glass screen.

Even as you use the phone in such a condition for a long time you would only make the damage worse. This time the entire device would be affected by all the dirt coming through and you would have to spend more money to get it repaired. In that case, mere iPhone screen repair in Sydney may not suffice anymore.

Your fingers could be damaged

When the screen of a smartphone gets damaged it has glass splinters on the top that can be really bad for your fingers. So, whenever you swipe the phone with the cracked screen there is always a good chance that your fingers would get cut and it would cause you a lot of pain.

The situation can be even worse if it happens to your kids whose skins are softer and are thus susceptible to greater damage from such splinters. These tiny shards of glass can easily get stuck in their delicate fingers and cause considerable damage. This is why it is better than if you see a cracked screen you take the phone for iPhone screen repair in Sydney.

It would make your eyes sore

iPhone 11 has an HD (high definition) display screen. Its main function is to make your viewing experience a wonderful one. However, when the screen breaks you cannot see the display screen easily.

It is hard to view the contents on your screen because of the cracks. If you keep using your phone like that it would put a lot of strain on your eyes and that would make them sore for sure! So, if you want to avoid that possibility it is better that you take your phone for iPhone screen repair in Sydney in case the screen cracks.

Your device becomes vulnerable to external elements

The display screen is supposed to save your iPhone 11 from external elements that are actually capable of killing the device.

So, if you see that your iPhone screen has cracked it is better to take it for iPhone screen repair in Sydney. Otherwise, your device would not have the protection that it gets in these cases. One of the biggest issues that can happen to your phone in these cases is liquid seeping in through the cracks and leading to a short circuit.

You are exposed to radiation

IARC (International Agency for Research Cancer) says that the radio frequency emanating from devices such as smartphones has the potency to be carcinogenic as far as humans are concerned. So, as it is when you are using a smartphone with a full screen you are being exposed to such perilous radioactivity.

The problem only gets worse when the screen develops cracks. The amount of radiation you are exposed to is higher and, in the future, you become more susceptible to various health risks. So, if you wish to avoid them it is better that you take your phone for iPhone screen repair in Sydney when you know that you should.

It becomes very hard to perform the daily tasks

It is but given that we all use our smartphones for doing almost each and everything in our daily lives.

For example, iPhone 11 has a GPS (global positioning system) tracker that helps you navigate various places even if you do not know them. However, if the screen cracks or is compromised in some other way you would not be able to do any of that. Now, if you are a regular user of such software, it would cause you even more inconvenience, to say the least. Therefore you should get iPhone screen repair in Sydney done almost as soon as you notice any crack or other issues on your smartphone screen.

This is how it happens. You cannot understand the directions being provided to you on the phone screen. This means that you have to pay more attention to the device, and thus keep your eyes off the road. You lose your focus this way and that means there is always a safety hazard in the offing. The risks are even higher in case you are driving. So, you can now perhaps understand how crucial it is to avail of iPhone screen repair in Sydney at the right time. There is no way that you can put it off. If you are looking for quality iPhone screen repair in Sydney, then look no further than Dr. Ballu Mobile expert. They use top-notch multi-layered glass as a means to protect your iPhone. Call 0422334577 or visit for further details in this regard.

Professional and reliable instant iPhone repair at your doorstep.

Professional and reliable instant iPhone repair at your doorstep.

Did your iPhone hand out persistent distress? Is your iPhone unable to operate even after numerous attempts? Then it is a wake-up call for you to immediately seek professional, reliable, and affordable iPhone repair in Parramatta.

The iPhone is an incredible phone, but it is not unbreakable. Suppose you have ever been unfortunate enough to drop your iPhone device onto the ground surface or other hard surface; it is relatively logical that it has endured a cracked screen, or even worse. Sometimes the cracked screen is so bad that you can see the parts beneath.

If you think you can withstand a cracked screen, know there might be more issues down the line as a cracked screen might lead to other problems, like moisture entering your iPhone and causing more crises. It is also necessary that you only seek out help from certified professionals, as the professionals use genuine and authentic spare parts that can modify the work efficiency of your iPhone device and propel it to its total capacity. They will make sure it functions smoothly like butter and enhance it to work skilfully. Dealing with a faulty device is not only annoying but also frustrating.

When you look for professional help, they understand your haste and urgency when you look for iPhone repair in Parramatta and offer timely & reliable fixes to prepare your device to function like a new one at your doorstep. Their squad consists of Apple-expert professionals who have years of experience handling complicated and tricky iPhone issues and can fix internal faults with accuracy.


Things you should take into consideration:

  • Use Your Warranty.
  • Use iPhone Insurance.
  • Use AppleCare.
  • Explore Other Options.
  • Get an Upgrade.


  • Their price quotes are reasonable.
  • 30 minutes to 1 hour turnaround time at your doorstep.
  • 365 days warranty due to the professional service.
  • Authorised and licensed technicians.
  • OEM supplied genuine parts and accessories.
  • Generally same-day repairs.
  • Boost the lifespan of your iPhone.
  • No undercover charges.

The Certified technicians will provide their customers with the best services only. Find some repair companies with services like picking and dropping the damaged device to a home or workplace to fix your iPhone devices within 30 minutes in your presence while you resume your day as usual. They deliver your call-out service for iPhone repairs in Parramatta and surrounding neighbourhoods throughout, with extended hours.

It only takes a call

Please make an appointment at a Professional Apple Store or with an Apple licensed service provider or let them know for a doorstep service. The technicians working for iPhone repair receive expert Apple training. They provide classic service with genuine Apple parts. Apple supports the repairs that they provide. Be assured about your Apple ID and password, and backup your iPhone before you get it repaired.

Dispatch it in

Connect with the technicians, and they will send you a box straight away to collect your iPhone repair. You can accordingly ship it to an Apple Repair Centre at your comfort. For a proper repair process, get your iPhone ready before the service.

Book your appointment

Please book an appointment for your iPhone device using our online booking policy to get quotes for iPhone repair in Parramatta to know how much you are spending on your iPhone repairs.

Fix your iPhone device

Authorised technicians will fix your iPhone devices in your presence for around 30 minutes, but some significant repairs might need extra time to fix them.

What to anticipate?

Some areas offer same-day screen repairs. If you send your iPhone directly to an Apple repair or if you need a doorstep professional technician, you can always make a choice. If there is any other damage to your iPhone, you must pay extra costs. The Apple warranty does not cover accidental damage or accidental falls. If your screen fails due to a manufacturing defect, it will be underwritten by the AppleCare+ plan, Apple warranty, or consumer law. Apple licensed service providers can form their prices. iPhone devices that are out of warranty prices apply only to repairs made by Apple.

Do you have an AppleCare+?

If you got an AppleCare plan, then you can obtain it to cover screen repair. Apple contains two incidents of accidental damage cover. If you do not have an AppleCare price plan, you will pay the fee for the genuine parts.

No Repair, No Fee

Authorised technicians charge you just when your device is repaired, and you are fully assured. If they are unable to repair your device, then you do not have to pay them.

Odd hours service

The professional companies in the market give odd hours of service for iPhone repair in Parramatta at no extra charges to give their clients their device back online fast in this digital world.

365 days warranty

The professional services use genuine quality parts so that they are not afraid to offer a 12-month warranty to their clients for all the repairs they carried out. This allows these professionals to give their clients complete satisfaction.

Compare another professional mobile repair.

It is always beneficial to check around several phone repairs shops before coming to terms with the right one. Do not finalise for the first shop you see for iPhone repairs in Parramatta. Understand what other shops do and what their services provide, then compare all the shops you have. Select the shop that you feel is reasonable for you.

Quick returns service

Most of the professional phone repair services turn around the same day; still, sometimes, it might take a few days to wait for the necessary replacement spare parts to be ordered. Pick shops that are fast and productive.


Most certified technicians analyse the defects & faults using advanced skills and apply instant & ready fixes to restore the function & glory of your iPhone device. They use reference spare parts and accessories from OEM’s and top-rated suppliers and carry out our work with the determination to attend to all the details. Ultimately, this helps you operate your device without any further interruption.

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What do you need to know about the iPhone screen replacement?

What do you need to know about the iPhone screen replacement?

The influence of an iPhone is more significant than any other conventional phone. The newly developed iOS technology is the most intriguing because it carries out the work like a minicomputer on the tip of your fingertips. However, the iPhone performs more than just calls and texting. The iPhone is created around the device’s multi-touch screen and includes a virtual keyboard. Regardless, they are also fragile and complex. However, the collapse of nearly any component can break down your iPhone, and it will show malfunction.

Did your iPhone Screen Crack?

Do you know most smartphone users have encountered the broken screen problem at least once? Did the thud sound give you a mini heart attack? Accidents do happen! The main reasons for this to occur are:
  • An accidental tumble
  • Slumping on the phone when it’s in the back pocket.
  • Dropping the phone down due to the hustle and bustle at a crowded place.
  • Placing the phone with metal keys in the pocket/BAG, etc.
iPhone drops are unavoidable, and when it happens, you need a dependable iPhone repair shop for iPhone Screen repair in Baulkham Hills that will provide high quality and convenient repair. If your screen is broken, smashed, or scratched, it does not matter if it runs on iOS, Android, or Windows; it will not run anymore. Any kind of phone is most likely to have a screen made from three distinct parts: A liquid crystal display that generates colours, a set of wires that detects where you touch the screen, and a protective glass cover. In an iPhone, the 2 central repairs you must look for are Glass or LCD repair. The front glass preserves the screen and can break on its own. The LCD monitors what you see, and a broken one can look like a spider web or meshwork or almost a blank screen. While the primary choice is cheap, the secondary is not.

So which screen is broken?

Mostly, the damage to your iPhone screen will be apparent. You will see the spider web patterns of shattered glass across the front of your iPhone. Sometimes, the glass screen will be intact, and you might not know the damage until you try to use it. Whether the damage is noticeable or not, it is reasonable to run an immediate analysis to specify the extent of the damage and go for iPhone Screen repair in Baulkham Hills. Whether the glass is cracked or not, explore the display and look for discoloured spots, blurred sections, or discoloured areas on the screen.
  • An almost blank screen.
  • Lines or contours that are not easy cracks in the glass.
  • Absence of touch sensitivity.
If you experience any of these issues, you are dealing with a broken LCD screen. If the glass breaks, but the display is clear, and the touch is working, that is a good sign. The problem is perhaps only with the glass screen. You might believe that you can stay with a cracked screen, but then you will come around to see other problems grow under your nose if the screen is not fixed. This is due to the moisture that enters your iPhone and causes more problems. Whether you’re dealing with cracked glass or a broken LCD screen, you can find a quick, reliable repair service that is iPhone Screen repair at Baulkham hills.

Things you have to consider before going to Repair shops:

  • Use Your Warranty: The legal iPhone warranty does not seem to wrap accidental damage, which means that Apple doesn’t offer cracked iPhone screen repair as part of the pact. If you are looking for a screen repair or replacement, turn it on to check whether your iPhone is still under warranty. If it is, you can get support directly from a shop for iPhone Screen repair in Baulkham Hills or the Apple Store you bought the phone from or use an Apple-authorized reseller.
  • Obtain your iPhone insurance: Generally, iPhone insurance encloses accidental damage. Being sure of your policy, you may have to spend a specific repair fee for iPhone Screen repair in Baulkham Hills, but that package may be less than replacing the iPhone.
  • Use your AppleCare: Unlike other ideal iPhone warranties, AppleCare covers 2 events of accidental damage, with a cost for each repair. This cost probably is more than what an unauthorized repair shop will charge, but it retains your warranty and assures that your restoration is accomplished by the people best qualified.
  • Explore Other Options: Rest assured that you can look for other options if you do not have a warranty or insurance coverage for your iPhone. You can approach a low-cost repair shop that may be a reasonable alternative since it will save you money.
  • Get an Upgrade: However, if you have already paid off your iPhone purchase plan and certainly have your iPhone for more than two years, then you can consider switching to a new iPhone model. You may be eligible for a discounted price and upgrade to a newer model of iPhone.
  • Prevention is better than Cure: There is no magical technique for avoiding damage to your iPhone screens. If your iPhone falls at a right angle, then it is bound to crack even the best-protected iPhone. However, a few simple steps can relieve your cracked screens. E.g., Screen-protectors, cases, and AppleCare.
No matter the model of your iPhone, iPhone Screen repair in Baulkham hills can fix all types of iPhone screens. The iPhone screen replacement is one of the most common iPhone repair services. iPhone 6 screen replacement and iPhone 7 screen replacement are some of the most common repair services we perform daily for iPhone Screen repair in Baulkham Hills.


The iPhone screen replacement is the most popular iPhone repair service that people usually seek. It is troublesome when your phone screen is broken and cannot be used due to the cracks in your screen. But when you find the right professionals, they will do the screen replacement properly. I hope this information helps get you to the right place; if you have any questions, contact Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Experts today on 0422 334 577 or mail us at
Where to get a Professionally iPad Screen/Replacement?

Where to get a Professionally iPad Screen/Replacement?

We are all surrounded by different kinds of modern gadgets. Each of us has either one or all devices, namely- iPad, iPhone, laptop, etc. These gadgets have become a fundamental aspect of our life. These gadgets have made us so dependent on them that a minute without their possession is unthinkable. 

Ever been in a situation when you noticed a malfunctioning in your gadget, and you had to look for a repair centre hurriedly? Yes, many of us might have faced this situation because faults come in devices without being intimidating. 

Once the situation has arrived, many of us would even plead with the expert present at the repair centre to get the job done without delay. Students owning iPad and laptops are the sections with one device, and hence, any error in the functioning would leave them paralysed, and therefore, they would need the quickest iPad repair in Blacktown. One of the important considerations should be to have the right professionals and the service centre.

Choosing the Right Service Centre or Repair Centre

There must be several service providers in the region, but not all are good. A few can be the best in laptop repair, whereas a couple has earned their phone repair reputation. Since out of all the gadgets, laptops and mobile phones are commonly used, a person can get several centres catering to the repair of these devices and replacement of the parts and accessories. But very few people own an iPad, and hence, getting the right centre that caters to iPad repair in Blacktown can be a challenging search. Therefore, one needs to look out for some of the essential tips that would help hire the best in the market. The following are some of the main things to look out for a while searching for a professional centre catering to iPad repair and screen replacement:

  • Ascertain that the Centre offers Genuine Parts.

There can be many service centres catering to iPad repair in Blacktown that would claim that they deal with genuine parts and accessories. But it is the responsibility of the service seeker to check for the authenticity of such claims. One of the most assured ways is to look for the centres that are the authorised partners or dealers with the Apple products. You cannot have duplicate parts installed in your iPad even though it is a screen replacement.

  • Ensure their Services include Diagnosis.

Electronic devices do not always face significant issues. The presence of minor faults often needs attention, and these can be detected with the help of a thorough diagnosis. Always look out for such centres that offer a diagnosis. There is a possibility your iPad might have some minor issues after dropping your phone on a hard surface that needs to be diagnosed. Service centres catering to this will take care of these associated problems before handing the device over to you.

  • Ensure the Centre has Well-trained, Proficient Experts

A service centre is incomplete without the presence of competent professionals. Therefore, it stands crucial for a person looking for iPad repair in Blacktown to ensure that the centre they go for has good professionals. Some experts recommend looking for the number of years of experience, training, and accreditation the experts have. These parameters give a moment of peace that your priced possession is in the right hand.

  • Market Reputation & Reliance

Another major factor that needs consideration is the market presence and reputation. Always choose the centre for iPad repair in Blacktown that has the best market reputation. This will ensure that you will get the best services along with genuine part replacement. If you have come for a broken screen replacement, you should be getting the authentic product from the manufacturer with a valid limited warranty at such a centre. Therefore, take care of this.

Common Considerations for iPad Screen Replacement

After choosing the centre for iPad repair in Blacktown, it is time to take the next move. If the screen has broken, and you have reached a centre, ensure the following things:

  • Make sure that the centre has the screen compatible with your iPad version or generation. It will include the screen size and all the remaining screen features that your iPad had.
  • Ascertain that it is the screen that has broken and not the screen protector. More often, service centre professionals come across cases where the owner approaches hastily, considering that the screen of their iPad has broken, whereas it is the screen protector. So, therefore, it is suggested that instead of troubling yourself, be assured that your iPad screen is broken and nothing else. However, verify if there has been any damage to the body of the iPad or not. If yes, get it repaired.

Preventing iPad Breakages because of Fall

Undoubtedly the iPad is a costly electronic item, and you cannot afford to spend it frequently repairing it. Therefore, to evade frequent visits to the centre for iPad repair in Blacktown, the owner can opt for iPad air cases and tempered glasses. iPad Air cases are more preferred because of the design and their ability to withstand shock, water, and dust.


To get the perfect repair and replacement for your iPad, the selection of the centre stands as a masterstroke. Every individual needs to be very much particular about the detailing of the service provider. If the right service provider is selected, you are going to get top-notch services.

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