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There is no doubt that your cell phone is an important part of your personal, professional, and academic lives. We know that when your phone breaks or does not work right, you want a professional to fix it. Here is where our highly skilled technicians at Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert can help. Come to us for the most professional, quick, and effective mobile phone repairs Bankstown has.

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mobile phone repairs bankstown

Quick and Easy Mobile Phone Repairs Bankstown

Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert is one of the most reliable places in Bankstown to get your phone fixed. We fix thousands of smartphones every year. We work on a lot of different smartphone brands. Our team of experts will come out and look at your phone for free and warranty the work for 6 months. Our prices are some of the best in Bankstown, and we can fix most phones on the same day.

We Can Repair More Than Just Apple Devices

Do not think that we only know how to fix iPhone screens. We can also work with phones from other brands, like: 

  • Google
  • HTC
  • Nokia
  • Huawei
  • Oppo
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Xperia
  • Microsoft Surface

What We Guarantee

Dr Ballu Mobile Expert isn’t just about talking. We also walk the talk. With us, you will see surprising results at the earliest possible time. 

We Make the Process Simple and Fast

We promise our customers that the mobile repair process will always be easy, and we will get it done quickly. We could fix our clients’ phone problems whenever they wanted. We make repairing phones easy by coming to where our customers want us to and fixing their phones right there in front of them. Additionally, we offer flexible services. Customers can pay us with cash or a credit card, whichever they prefer.

We Offer Fantastic Work in the Region

We have complete faith in the excellence of our phone repair services. Our business is the most well-known in the area for a good reason. When we fix cell phones, we give our customers full value for their money. We have done this before with tens of thousands of phones. So, we promise our customers that we will fix their phones and make them work again. Additionally, having some of the most skilled and experienced workers in the business helps. If you have any questions, please call us, and we will assist you. 


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Our Mobile Phone Repair Services

We work hard to fix almost every kind of phone. So, you will not need to find any other services. You can trust us with every type of repair because we know a lot about mobile devices. Explore the services further:

School & University Device

It should not be hard for teachers and students to get their tech fixed quickly and correctly. Institutions of learning hire us to fix their computers, cell phones, and lost data.

Corporate Accounts

Is there a laptop or phone that your business needs fixing? The techs here know what they are doing and are ready to help you. Our services can keep your business running smoothly, so your workers do not have to wait for repairs.

Data Recovery

If you are looking for data recovery services, it means you are in a very bad situation. Actually, we are aware of that. Do not worry—we will get your important data back to you without delay.

Phone Water Damage

If water gets into the phone, it can do a lot of damage. Let us know right away if drying does not work. We will figure out what is wrong and fix everything for a price you can afford.  

Phone Glass Replacement

Do not worry if the glass on your phone breaks—our service can fix it. Relax; everything will be taken care of at our first meeting.

Phone Battery Replacement

Is your phone’s battery dying too quickly? If so, you might need to fix it. It is quick and easy for our experts. When replacing parts on your iPhone or another reliable phone, we will only use the best ones. 

Charging Port Repairs

It can be very annoying when a charging port does not work right. We fix charging ports professionally, keeping your safety and budget in mind.

iPad Repairs

Worried that fixing your iPad will cost too much and take too much time? Our knowledgeable technicians can fix any model of iPad for a fair price. We fix everything, from broken screens to apps that will not work.

Laptop Repair

We stand behind our work and only use the best tools to fix the most common laptop models. Do not worry if it takes a day; we promise the best service. Rely on our skilled and reliable technicians. 

If you need any of these services, please get in touch with us. You can count on us to fix your phone right away in Bankstown.

mobile experts bankstown

We Repair the Leading Mobile Brands

We do not separate brands. We fix a lot of Samsung and Oppo phones, making us the best phone repair service in Bankstown for brands other than iPhones. We can check your phone for any problems. Sometimes, all it needs is a minimum repair or a quick fix to get phones back up and running. Try it out with the help of our skilled experts.

mobile phone repairs bankstown

Why Choose Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert

Our customers always come back to us for mobile repairs in Bankstown or anywhere else in Sydney because:

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Best Quality

Customers know that we offer the best quality and service. The spare parts we use are of the highest quality and work just like the originals. We can guarantee high quality because of these high-quality spare parts.

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On-site Repair

We will definitely come to you if you can not come to us. Simply tell us your address, and we will be right there. We promise to give you good service, and our prices are the best in Sydney.

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Reasonable Pricing

We promise that for any phone repair work in or near Bankstown, we have the most reasonable prices. You can rest easy knowing that your money is well spent with us.

We also Sell and Repair Smartphones, Tablets, Laptop

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Smart Phones

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    Smart Phones

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If you have any emergency need,
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Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop

Repair of Emergency Services.


Yes! Our centres for iPhone repair in Bankstown specialise in data recovery. If your iPhone has suffered catastrophic damage, then all you need to do is get in touch with the skilled engineers and technicians at these centres. They will be able to retrieve the lost data from your phone. They perform iPhone data recovery and iPhone file recovery from the flash media found on iOS devices. Some of these repair centres also perform data recovery tasks for Mac computers. 

If you have a small crack on the front glass of your phone, you may not have to replace it immediately, provided the touch functionalities are working fine. However, if there is a crack on the LCD screen, it is advisable to immediately contact a centre that provides mobile screen repair in Bankstown and get it replaced or repaired. There are quite a few centres in Bankstown that provide original screens and provide a warranty with them. 

Well, it is always advised to back up all your data before repairing your phone. However, there are companies for phone repairs in Bankstown that secure your data before you hand it over for repair. They follow a three-step approach—make you remove your SIM card and any SD card that contains your contacts and other files, remove all security locks, pins, and passwords, take a backup of all the data on your phone, and then reset the phone. You can also take a cloud backup that is accessible from both Android and iPhones.

We Fix it all the Popular Brands

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