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iPhones are anyone’s coveted possession. They are known to last for long. However, if you face any trouble with your iPhone, and are looking for a phone repairs provider, come to Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert. We are one of the specialists for iPhone repairs in Bankstown and other parts in Sydney. Whether it is iPhone screen repair work of fixing the charging point, we have a specialised team to do it.

Why Dr. Mobile Expert

Experienced technicians

Highly trained and experienced technicians who are capable of handling any repair, big or small, get your phone back to its best as quickly as possible.

Wide range of services

We offer a wide range of services, including screen repairs, water damage repairs, battery replacements, and more.

Fast turnaround

We can fix your phone while you wait, so you can get back to your busy schedule as soon as possible.

Affordable prices

We believe in offering fair and competitive pricing for all of our services, so you can get the repairs you need without breaking the bank.

High-quality parts

We only use the highest quality parts and materials for all of our repairs, ensuring that your phone is repaired to the highest standards.

Customer satisfaction

At Dr Mobile Expert, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to provide excellent service and support to all of our customers.

Our Services

  • Data Recovery

    Data Recovery

    Are you in desperate need of data recovery services? Look no further! Our team of certified professionals is here to help you …

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  • Phone Water Damage

    Phone Water Damage

    Has your phone taken a dip in the pool, been caught in a rainstorm, or experienced some other type of water damage? …

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  • Phone Glass Replacement

    Phone Glass Replacement

    Are you tired of dealing with a cracked or broken back glass on your phone? Don’t let it ruin your phone experience…

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  • Phone Battery Replacement

    Phone Battery Replacement

    Are you fed up with constantly having to find a charging outlet or constantly having to replace your phone’s battery? …

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  • Charging Port Repairs

    Charging Port Repairs

    Are you experiencing issues with your mobile phone’s charging port? Whether it’s a problem with the port itself or the charger …

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  • iPad Repairs

    iPad Repairs

    At Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert we pride ourselves on providing top-notch repair services for all models of iPads…

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  • Laptop Repair

    Laptop Repair

    Are you experiencing issues with your laptop? Is it running slow, crashing, or not turning on at all?…

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  • School & University Device

    School & University Device

    As a school or university, it’s important to have reliable and functioning mobile and laptop devices for both students and faculty …

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  • Corporate Accounts

    Corporate Accounts

    Is your company’s mobile or laptop equipment in need of repair? Look no further! Our team of skilled technicians is here to help …

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Who are we?

Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert is a well-known name in Bankstown when it comes to phone repair and tablet fixes. Our unique selling point is that we are an on-the-wheel phone repair and accessories shop in Bankstown and other suburbs of Sydney, and the states of New South Wales. We are the best in the field of iPhone repairs and unparalleled in iPhone screen repairs. We are best known for the quick response, comfortable shopping experience, fast shipping, and exemplary customer satisfaction.

Our Services
  • Restoring devices damaged by water: Spilled water on your phone or dropped your iPhone in the water? Whatever be the case, we will provide you with the best services to restore your device to its former state. We repair water damaged devices from Apple, Samsung, and Oppo.
  • Screen repair: Dropped your phone and there is a scratch on the screen? Do not worry! We are specialised in iPhone screen repairs and glass repair for devices from other brands. For the glass back covers of the iPhone, we also provide laser repair.
  • LCD replacement: Is the touch sensitivity of your iPhone not working properly? At Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert, we provide a screen and touch hardware replacement for Apple, Oppo, and Samsung.
  • Fixing charging points: Your phone not charging properly? Whether it is fixing the charging point or replacing the batteries, you can always bank on us for the best service. We cover brands like Samsung, Oppo, and Apple.

Dr Ballu Mobile Experts

Why Choose Us?

Whether it is iPhone repairs in Bankstown or any other part of Sydney, our customers always rely on us, because:

Best Quality

Our customers know that we provide them the best service and quality. We use top-notch quality spare parts that perform like the original. It is because of these high-quality spare parts that we ensure extraordinary quality.

On-site Repair

If you are unable to come to us, we make sure we come to you. All you need to give us is your address and we will be at your doorstep. We are committed to giving you quality service and our affordability is unmatched in Sydney.

Reasonable Pricing

In and around Bankstown, we can assure you that we provide the most competitive and fair pricing for any phone repairs work. So, you can be at peace that you are not wasting your money with us.

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Repair of Emergency Services.


Yes! Our centres for iPhone repair in Bankstown specialise in data recovery. If your iPhone has suffered catastrophic damage, then all you need to do is get in touch with the skilled engineers and technicians of these centres for iPhone repair in Bankstown and they will be able to retrieve the lost data from your phone. They perform iPhone data recovery and iPhone file recovery from the flash media found in iOS devices. Some of these repair centres also perform data recovery tasks for Mac computers. So, the bottom line is that if you damage your iPhone in Bankstown then these centres have you covered for the data recovery.
In any smartphone, whether Apple or Android the touch interface is one of the most important parts. The LCD screen ensures that you can enjoy all the features of a smartphone. But if you drop the phone and a crack happens on the screen, it becomes difficult to use it. But a lot depends on whether the LCD screen has damaged or just the front glass on top (also known as tempered glass). Dealers are providing iPhone screen repair in Bankstown and other parts of Australia. If your iPhone screen has broken, it is better to get in touch with these iPhone repair centres and get it fixed. If you have a small crack on the front glass of your iPhone, you may not have to replace it immediately, provided the touch functionalities are working fine. However, if there is a crack on the LCD screen, it is advisable to immediately contact a centre that provides iPhone screen repair in Bankstown and get it replaced or repaired. There are quite a few centres in Bankstown that provide original iPhone screens and provide a warranty with them. Hence you may not have to visit an iPhone service centre to get your screen repair.
Your phone is a storehouse of all the data that defines you. From your emails to your WhatsApp chats, from your favourite songs to your mobile banking password, your phone stores all kinds of data you need and that can identify you. Hell breaks loose when your phone starts malfunctioning and it needs to be sent for repair. What do you do with all that data? Will the repair company steal your data? There is a fad that shops for phone repairs in Bankstown and across the world steal your data when you give it for repair and sell it. So, do you need to back up your phone before you give it for repair? Well, it is always advised to backup all your data before repairing your phone. However, there are companies for phone repairs in Bankstown that secure your data before you hand it over for repair. They follow a three-step approach—make you remove your SIM card and any SD card that contains your contacts and other files, remove all security locks, pins, and passwords, and take a backup of all the data on your phone and then reset the phone, you can take a cloud backup that is accessible from both android and iPhones.

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