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Is your phone cracked? Has it been water-damaged? Are there any battery or charging issues? Or are there any concerns that you are unaware of? Whatever the situation, if you are experiencing troubles with your phone, contact us for a comprehensive mobile phone repair in Baulkham Hills. We are one of the best phone repair professionals here, and we can fix phones of almost any model.

A Trustworthy Phone Repair Shop In Baulkham Hills:

At Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert, we understand how vital your phone is in your life. As a result, we provide our clients with a quick turnaround time, high-quality service, premium parts, and competitive pricing. And every time you give us your phone for repair, we try to fix it as soon as possible. With the assistance of a team of highly experienced and fully skilled mobile specialists, we hope to perform the majority of phone repair operations, including phone screen repair, as soon as possible. We provide a 90-day warranty on all phone screen repairs.

This means that no matter what problem your phone is experiencing, we will handle it with ease. Once we repair the equipment, it will not only appear brand new but also last a long time. For example, if you have a shattered phone screen and want us to fix it, we will provide you with high-quality spec glass that is both strong and long-lasting. This means that your phone will perform to its full capacity.

If you are concerned about the cost of phone repairs, there is no need to fret. We charge a fraction of the overall cost of services provided by our competitors while retaining higher quality.

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Phone Repair Services We Offer

At Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert, we offer a complete range of Phone repair services that include:

  1. Phone LCD repair
  2. Phone screen repair
  3. Phone on/off switch repair
  4. Phone home button repair
  5. Phone volume button repair
  6. Phone battery replacement</span
  7. Phone camera repair
  8. Phone volume button repair
  9. Phone charging port repair
  10. Phone motherboard repair/replacement
  11. Phone liquid damage fixing
  12. Devices unlock
  13. Data backup and recovery
  14. Other services

Why Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert

Experienced technicians 01

Experienced Technicians

Highly qualified and experienced experts who can handle any repair, large or small, will restore your phone back to its best as soon as possible.

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Wide Range of Services

We provide a variety of services, including as screen repairs, water damage repairs, battery replacements, and more.

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Fast Turnaround

We can repair your phone while you wait, allowing you to get back to your hectic schedule as soon as possible.

Affordable prices 01

Affordable Prices

We believe in providing fair and competitive pricing for all of our services, so you can obtain the repairs you require without breaking the bank.

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High-Quality Parts

We simply use high-quality parts and materials in all of our repairs, so your phone is fixed to the highest standards.

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Customer Satisfaction

At our shop, client happiness is our main focus. We try to deliver exceptional service and support to all of our customers.

Things That Make Us Different

Here at this business, we have the most skilled technicians who are well-equipped with the newest tools for fixing cell phones. The skills of these people help us give each of our customers who come to us for phone repair, including phone screen repair, long-term options. Because everyone on our team is so skilled, we can also find and fix all of an phone's problems, whether they are obvious or not. In contrast to other Baulkham Hills phone repair shops, we can fix your phone quickly and easily. Our company's skilled and big team members make it easy for us to reach our clients. From fixing the screen to fixing the whole phone, we do all of our work quickly here.


Slipped your iPhone out of your hands by mistake and broke the glass? Want to find someone in Baulkham Hills who can fix your iPhone screen? So, our techs can fix your iPhone as soon as possible. Many try to avoid going to a repair shop when their iPhone's glass breaks. One thing they don't know, though, is that the broken glass will hurt your phone more the longer you keep it. To keep things from getting worse, you need to get the glass fixed right away.

If your iPhone slipped from your hand and the glass chipped away, you must seek replacement service. Behind the broken glass, there may be a broken display or a lost touch sensitivity. At Baulkham Hills iPhone screen repair, the tech can tell you if the damage is just to the glass on the phone or if the LCD screen is also broken. This information will help you fix your phone the right way. You can get the LCD screen changed so that you don't end up with a broken screen or a phone that doesn't work with your touch.

Is your phone experiencing some problems functioning? Do you worry about the cost of phone repairs in Baulkham Hills? Our professionals will repair your phone and return it to you in good condition. Many phone repair providers charge a high fee and often request in advance payment for the repairs. Well, we don't expect you to make payments in advance. We understand that a person wants to pay for mobile phone back services just when he or she is satisfied with the service and his or her phone is working properly.

Our professionals will first inspect and evaluate your phone's condition. After a comprehensive inspection, they give a price for phone repairs in Baulkham Hills and confirm that you are willing to pay it. When you agree on the repairs and pricing for your phone, our professionals will begin work. They will perform all necessary modifications and replace the damaged parts with new ones of the same grade. They check to see if the phone is functional after the repairs, and if it is, they hand it off to you. When you're satisfied that your phone is in fine condition, you can pay the repair bill.

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