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Mobile phones are very important to you, and we know it. When these devices are not on the clock, you can miss out on messages from loved ones and important business emails. That’s why we are giving the best mobile phone repairs Blacktown has. Our repair process, which takes 30 minutes or less, is beyond comparison. Visit us today to get your mobile phone fixed.

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mobile phone repairs blacktown

Quick and Easy Mobile Phone Repairs Bankstown

One of the best places in Blacktown to get your phone fixed is at Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert. Annually, we fix tens of thousands of phones. We work on many kinds of smartphones. Our techs will check out your phone for free, and we will warranty the work for 6 months. You can get most phones fixed the same day at some of the best prices from us.

We Can Repair More Than Just Apple Devices

We do not just know how to fix iPhone problems. We can also work with phones made by other companies, such as 

  • Google
  • Nokia
  • Samsung
  • Oppo
  • HTC
  • LG
  • Xperia
  • Huawei
  • Microsoft Surface

What We Guarantee

We give a half-year warranty on each of our services. However, that's not the only thing you will be assured of from us.

We Make the Process Simple and Fast

We guarantee that our mobile repair service will always be simple and efficient for our customers. When our clients wanted it, we would fix their phone problems. Our customers love that we can fix their phones right where they want them. On top of that, our services are adaptable. We accept both cash and credit card payments from our customers.

We Offer Fantastic Work in the Region

We are confident that our phone repair services are second to none. We achieved the title of "most famous company in the area." Everyone gets their money's worth when they bring their phones to us for repairs. This is something we have accomplished with thousands of phones previously. As a result, we guarantee that we will restore functionality to our customers' phones. Besides, it helps to have some of the industry's most talented and seasoned employees on staff. Feel free to give us a call at any time with any enquiries. 


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Our Mobile Phone Repair Services

There are a lot of different kinds of phones that we have to fix. You can trust us because we are well-versed and efficient with a variety of mobile devices and services. Get to know our services better:

Cracked Screen Repair

You will not have to fret over a broken screen or risk injury from sharp edges. We quickly fix the screen using high-quality parts.

Water Damage Repair

If water gets into the phone, it could ruin it. If drying does not solve the problem, please contact us on the spot. We offer affordable diagnostics and repairs for all broken items.  

Phone Battery Repair

How quickly does your phone's battery die? It might need fixing if it drains quickly. Our experts excel at making things simple and fast. When we repair your iPhone or other dependable mobile device, we will only use parts of the highest quality. 

Back Glass Replacement

Rely on our professional service to repair your phone's broken back glass. Just relax; during our first meeting, we will attend to everything. 

Charging Port Repairs

It is really annoying when a charging port does not work. We repair charging ports professionally while keeping your safety and budget in mind.

iPad Repairs

Do you fear the time and money needed to repair your iPad? Our qualified specialists can fix any model of iPad for a fair price. We repair everything, from broken screens to software problems.

Laptop Repair

We fix all the most popular laptop models with the best tools and a satisfaction guarantee. We promise the best service, so if it takes a day, that is okay. Trust our dependable and knowledgeable technicians. 

Data Recovery

Initiating a data recovery process indicates that you are facing a critical crisis. We are well-informed on that matter. Your important data will be returned to you promptly, we promise.

Corporate Accounts

Is your company in need of laptop or mobile device repairs? There are skilled technicians here ready to help you. Your business will run smoothly with us, and your employees will never have to wait for repairs.

School & University Device Repairs

Teachers and students should have no trouble getting their broken devices serviced by professionals in a timely manner. We restore lost data, fix computers, and fix cell phones for schools and universities.

Get in touch with us if you are interested in these options. When you need an emergency phone repair in Blacktown, we are the ones to call!

mobile phone repairs blacktown

We Repair the Leading Mobile Brands

We work with all the major brands. Fixing so many Samsung and Oppo phones has made us the go-to Blacktown phone repair shop for non-iPhone brands. We can check your phone for any problems. It may only take a small repair or a fast fix to get phones working again. Put our trained professionals to the test for you.


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Repair of Emergency Services.


Yes, we use genuine Apple parts for iPhone repair in Blacktown. Many technicians or shops providing iPhone repair and iPad repair perform repairs and use cheap quality duplicate parts to offer you the services at cheaper rates. However, the consequence of this is that you end up paying double the amount for the repairs and replacement of parts of the iPhone. Local or duplicate parts are not supported by the phone, and hence, the phone stops functioning or functions improperly. Ultimately, you look for another iPhone repair provider who will give you the desired results at affordable rates.


Our technicians use products of the highest quality. We understand the value of money and know that you are relying on us to repair your prized possession. So, we always choose to use the best quality products for iPhone repair in Blacktown. Also, if certain parts of your iPhone model are to be replaced, we make sure we replace them with original parts and not duplicate ones. With that, we perform all the repairs and offer all the services at affordable rates so that you do not feel we have charged you additional in the name of providing genuine parts.

If your iPhone suffers a fall and only the glass of the iPhone is broken, you can relax. This will not cost you much. While the repairs to the LCD screen are pricier, the repairs to the front glass come at a relatively cheap cost. However, the cost of iPhone screen repair in Blacktown varies for every model of the iPhone. The front glass of some iPhone models is expensive, while others are very affordable. So, the total charge for replacing the front glass of your iPhone depends on its model and the availability of the glass.

If you plan to get your iPhone repaired by someone outside Apple, it will not make the Apple warranty void. In Australia, Apple gives warranty for two years, but you might be asked to pay if the damage is severe. Hence, you can always avail repair services from dealers for Apple phone repairs in Blacktown. If you replace a part, then Apple will not cover that in its warranty but will not make the entire device void.


If your phone still has a warranty, it may be wise to go to the official store. But it also depends on what has broken and how much it will cost. Sometimes, it is wise to get certain parts repaired from somewhere other than the official dealer, as it may be cheaper. There are several Apple phone repair dealers in Blacktown.

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