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You must know the sinking feeling when you drop your iPhone or slides off your pocket and hits the tile. If you are looking for an iPhone repair or phone repair specialist in Guildford, then come to Dr. Ballu Mobile Expert. Not just phone repair, we also excel in iPad repair and mobile phone accessories replacement. Providing our customers with the best services for decades, we ensure top-notch customer satisfaction. 

About Us

Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert is best known for iPhone repairs and iPad repairs across Guilford, but we also specialize in phone repairs of brands like Samsung and Oppo. Our unique feature is that we are an on the wheel phone and device repair service provider in the states of New South Wales, suburbs of Sydney, including Guildford. We are also a specialist in the field of iPhone screen repairs and replacement of mobile phone accessories. We make sure that we provide absolute customer satisfaction with our prompt service and top-class service quality.

Why Our Customers Trust Us?
Providing service on the go: If you cannot come to our shop, give us your address, and we will come to your doorstep. We provide repair and replacement services on the wheel for our customers in and around Guilford. Providing top-notch quality: Our customers seek us for our top-grade quality and the best-in-class service that we provide. Our spares are also close to the originals when it comes to performance efficiency. Providing the best deal: Our customers can avail the best deals at competitive prices. Not just fair prices, we also give them discounts if there are more than one device repairs. We make sure we take care of the whole family!

Our Catalogue Of Services

iPhone Repair

  • iPhone screen repair and replacement
  • Damage caused by water
  • Malfunctioning speakers
  • No signal or intermittent signal
  • Buttons that are stuck or broken
  • Battery replacement
  • Stuck on the Apple logo

iPad Repair

  • Damage caused by water
  • Wi-fi issues
  • Stuck on the Apple logo
  • Buttons that are stuck or broken
  • Battery replacement
  • Signal issues like no signal
  • Cracked screen replacement

Computer Repair Services

  • Cracked screen
  • Reduced speed and efficiency
  • Damage caused by water
  • Battery replacement
  • Non-functioning speakers
  • Removal of malware and virus
  • Hard drive recovery and replacement
Phone Repair—We Provide Various Phone Repair Services For Different Brands
  • Samsung Galaxy repair
  • Oppo phone repair
  • Motorola phone repair
  • LG phone repair
  • Broken screen replacement
  • Damage caused by water
  • Recovery and restoring of memory card
  • Signal issues like no signal or intermittent signal
  • Battery replacement

You can avail of this wide range of services and in case you need any customised service from us, you can always share the details and we will give you the best that we have.

Device repair, mobile accessories, replacement, or phone repair—give us a call and we will be at your doorstep at the earliest . Just keep your address handy before you dial our number


No matter how hard you try, occasionally your phone might slip from your hands and crash down onto the ground. Although mobile phones are made to remain tough, you will notice cracks across your phone screen when it tumbles down on the ground for a height. Now, you might be thinking if it is the glass that has broken or the LCD. Well, you can do certain things to differentiate between the two and check for the extent of iPhone screen repair in Guildford.

  • If it is just the glass that has broken, the repair amount will be less but if there is a need for LCD repair, be prepared to pay a hefty amount.
  • You may check for some black spots or lines on the screen.
  • If only the cracks in a spider web pattern are visible, you probably need to change the glass.
  • However, if you see blurring out or discoloured areas on your phone screen, you need to go for LCD repair.
  • If the screen is completely black or the touch sensitivity is lost on your phone, you will be paying a bigger amount for the iPhone screen repair in Guildford.
  • If the display is clear and the touch of the phone is working, you need not worry much.

Many times, people do not turn up to a shop for iPhone repair in Guildford with a fear that they will be charged money even for inspecting the phone. This might be true to some extent for others, but not us. Many mobile repair service providers charge money from the customers even for evaluating the condition of the iPhone. However, we do not do so until and unless we make any kind of repairs to your iPhone. Neither do we charge money for providing you with a price quote for your iPhone repair, nor do we charge money for simply inspecting the condition of your iPhone.
If you come to us with your broken iPhone and our technicians say that it is beyond their potential to make the iPhone repair in Guildford, we cannot charge a penny for the same. However, if our technicians make any kind of repair or replace any parts of your iPhone, you will be charged money only for those services. We value your money and know that you would not like to pay for the inspection of a broken phone. So, we never charge money for the repairs we never made. If your phone repairs are beyond our potential, you will not have to pay money for that.

The straightaway answer to this question is NO. You do not need to make an appointment with us for phone repairs in Guildford. Our company has several technicians who are available for phone repair services for you. If you need to get your phone repaired, you may come to us with your handset, and we will assign one of our technicians for the repair job of your phone. This will help save your time and ours, and there will be any confusion regarding the phone repairs. You need not explain the issues in your phone again & again to different technicians of our company.
However, if you are not visiting us in person for phone repairs in Guildford and sending your phone to us through courier services, you might need to inform us beforehand. You can contact any of our technicians and inform us that you will be sending your phone through a courier service. Our technicians will receive the phone and evaluate its condition before quoting the price to you. After carefully evaluating the condition of your phone, they will let you know the relevant repairs and what parts need to be replaced in your phone. You may then decide if you want to get your phone repaired according to the price quoted for it.

Many companies providing phone repairs and mobile phone accessories in Guildford charge a hefty amount of money for providing services to their customers at the doorstep. They even charge for delivering the accessories of your phone and/or making repairs to your phone at your home. However, that is not the case with our company. We provide phone repairs, mobile phone accessories, and replacement services on the wheel. We provide all kinds of mobile repair services on the go and make sure we reach out to you at your doorstep at the earliest.
If you want us to make repairs to your phone at your home, our technicians will come to your home and make the repairs there itself. If you want us to deliver the mobile phone accessories in Guildford to your doorstep, we will do it. As we provide all the mobile repair and replacement services on the go, we are available for people residing in or around Guildford at their doorstep. We do not charge a penny for delivering our services. However, if your home is too far away from our store, we might charge a small amount of money according to the distance. Most people rely on us for their mobile phone needs because of our quick doorstep services.

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