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If you have mistakenly dropped your phone or the speaker is not acting up, fast and expert repair is available right in your neighbourhood! Our “best in the business” technicians are here to rescue you from all of your device woes. We bring the best tools and techs for iPhone or any mobile phone repair Guildford needs. Visit today!

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One Stop Shop for Mobile Phone Repair in Guildford

Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert is proud and pleased to be that one destination for all your device needs. With an experienced tech team, we make sure of professional and reliable service every time.

What makes us trustworthy is the quality of our repairs. We use only the best parts available to ensure long-lasting solutions that you can trust. Whether you need a screen replacement, battery repair, or any other fix, we’ve got you covered.

We complete most repairs within 30 minutes or less, which means minimal downtime for you. Also, you’ll find ample parking space at our location!

So why keep struggling with phone issues when the solution is right at hand? Visit us now!

Why Do Our Customers Trust Us?

Providing Service on the Go

If you cannot come to our shop, give us your address, and we will come to your doorstep. We provide repair and replacement services on the wheel for our customers in and around Guildford. 

Providing Top-Notch Quality

Our customers seek us for our top-grade quality and the best-in-class service that we provide. The spares we use are high quality, so you will enjoy efficient performance.

Providing the Best Deal

Our customers can get the best deals at competitive prices. It's not just fair price; we also give them discounts if there is more than one device repair. We make sure we take care of the whole family!


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Our Mobile Phone Repair Services

We take on almost all types of phone repair work, so you don’t have to roam around for different services. You are in safe hands with us because we know mobile devices too well and can handle a range of services. Check them out:

Cracked Screen Repair

Don't need to go through the frustration of a broken screen and cut yourself through sharp edges. We use the best parts and fix the screen promptly.

Water Damage Repair

Water getting inside the phone can cause a lot of damages. If you’ve tried drying it and it’s still not working, come to us immediately. We’ll diagnose issues and fix all the damaged elements at an economical rate. 

Phone Battery Repair

Battery draining out fast? Our experts know what to do and take very little time! Either iPhone or any reputed mobile, we’ll replace parts with the best in the market for the optimal result. 

Back Glass Replacement

With our professional phone glass repair service, get your phone back to its original shape. Don’t be worried; we’re near you and do all the fixes during the first meeting!

Charging Port Repairs

We know how annoying it is to have a charging port that isn't working up to the mark. Our charging port repair service means business, keeping safety and affordability in mind.

iPad Repairs

Do you need iPad repairs but are concerned about the cost and time it would take? We take pleasure in offering high-quality, budget-friendly iPad repair services for all models. We address everything from shattered screens to software issues.

Laptop Repair

We use industry-leading tools and offer a guarantee for repairing top laptop models. Even if it takes a day, keep your trust in our expert and reliable technicians for the best service there is.

Data Recovery

Whenever you are looking for data recovery services, it means a desperate attempt. We understand that and take the best measures possible so you get your valuable data back soon!

Corporate Accounts

Mobile or laptop equipment in need of repair at your company? Our knowledgeable techs can assist. Our commercial on-site repair work for any device is prompt and efficient, minimising employee downtime and ensuring your business runs smoothly.

School & University Device Repairs

Mobile phone repair, computer repair, or data recovery- we offer all the necessary services to educational institutions. It’s important that students and faculties don’t struggle for swift and professional device repairs.

For any of these services, you can reach out to us directly. Here in Guildford, we are the top professionals for any emergency phone needs!

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We Repair The Leading Mobile Brands

We respect all our clients’ choices; we respect all the mobile brands people use. The number is greater for iPhone users, but here in Guildford, we regularly repair Samsung, Oppo, One Plus phones and other leading brands if you are bringing one. Our experts will look for any issues, simple fixes or any major problem. Don’t hesitate- come and see what we have to offer for your beloved device repair!

Why Choose Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert

You should choose Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert because we know the importance of carrying a well-functioning device. Your mobile phone is precious to you, so the device’s perfect repair is vital to us! Here’s why you should visit us:

Experienced technicians 01

Experienced Technicians

Our tech guys are trained, certified, and, most importantly, experienced in tackling any mobile phone disturbance. You will get your phone back soon enough!

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Wide Range of Services

We offer a great number of services. We make sure that whatever problem you bring, screen repairs, battery issues, or water damage repair, you get it solved.

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Fast Turnaround

Most of our services get completed within 30 minutes! We can fix your phone as you wait so you can be on your way in a short time.

Affordable prices 01

Affordable prices

We believe and apply that all of our prices are fair and reasonable, so no one has to worry about getting their phone repaired.

High quality parts 01

High-quality parts

You never need to be concerned about the replaced parts. To keep the standard high, we only use the best materials and parts for all kinds of repairs.

Customer satisfaction 01

Customer satisfaction

You will be greeted by a team of dedicated professionals who understand your needs for coming to us and aim for your satisfaction. Expect only the best service and support throughout.

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No matter how hard you try, occasionally, your phone might slip from your hands and crash down onto the ground. Although mobile phones are made to remain tough, you will notice cracks across your phone screen when it tumbles down on the ground from a height. Now, you might be wondering if it is the glass that has broken or the LCD. Well, you can do certain things to differentiate between the two and check for the extent of iPhone screen repair in Guildford.
  • You may check for some black spots or lines on the screen.
  • If only you see the cracks in a spider web pattern, you probably need to change the glass.
  • However, if you see blurring out or discoloured areas on your phone screen, you need to go for LCD repair.
  • If it is just broken glass, the repair amount will be less. But, if there is a need for LCD repair, be prepared to pay a hefty amount.
  • If the screen is completely black or the touch sensitivity is lost on your phone, you will be paying a bigger amount for the mobile phone or iPhone screen repair in Guildford.
  • If the display is clear and the touch of the phone is working, you need not worry much.

Many times, people do not turn up to a shop in Guildford for phone repair with a fear that they will be charged money even for inspecting the phone. This might be true to some extent for others, but not us. We value your money and know that you would not like to pay for the inspection of a broken phone. So, we never charge money for the repairs we never made. 

Many mobile repair service providers charge money from the customers even for just checking the condition of the phone. However, we do not do so until and unless we make any kind of repairs. Neither do we charge money for providing you with a price quote for your phone or iPhone repair, nor do we charge money for simply inspecting your phone’s condition!

If you come to us with your broken phone and our technicians say that it is beyond their potential to make that repair, we cannot charge a penny for the same. However, if our technicians make any kind of repair or replace any parts of your phone or iPhone, you will be charged money only for those services. 

The straightaway answer to this question is NO. You do not need to make an appointment with us for phone repairs in Guildford. If you need to get your phone repaired, you may come to us with your handset, and we will assign one of our several technicians to the phone repair job. This will help save your time and ours, and there will be no confusion regarding the phone repairs. You need not explain the phone issues again and again to different technicians of our company.

However, if you are not visiting us in person and sending your phone to us through courier services, you might need to inform us beforehand. You can contact any of our technicians and inform us that you will be sending your phone through a courier service. Our technicians will receive the phone and evaluate its condition before quoting the price to you. After carefully evaluating the condition of your phone, they will let you know the relevant repairs and what parts need to be replaced in your phone. You may then decide if you want to get your phone repaired according to the price quoted for it.

Many companies providing phone repairs and mobile phone accessories in Guildford charge a large amount of money to provide services to their customers at their doorstep. They even charge for delivering the accessories of your phone and/or making repairs to your phone at your home. However, that is not the case with our company. 

We provide phone repairs, mobile phone accessories, and replacement services on the wheel. We provide all kinds of mobile repair services on the go, and we make sure we reach out to you at your doorstep as soon as possible. We do not charge a penny for delivering our services. 

However, if your home is too far away from our store, we might charge a small amount of money according to the distance. Most people rely on us for their mobile phone needs because of our quick doorstep services.

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