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At Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert, we offer the best iPhone screen repair services in Parramatta. We know how important smart devices such as phones and tablets have become in the present time for our clients. They are a lot more than merely being a way of communicating with others. We take them everywhere with us, using them in most of the activities we take part in. We do our work on them and play various games. All our social media activities happen over here. Therefore, our iPhone repair services in Parramatta are so crucial for our clients. These phones act as our cameras too.

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So, no matter why these phones are damaged, it is always one of the most unfortunate things that can happen to our clients. We know that our clients want quick and affordable solutions. This is what we aim to offer to them through our phone repairs in Parramatta. We can also work on phone accessories and get them back to their original condition. We specialise in offering affordable services too. We are also immensely proud to say that we are the best service providers in our industry across the region.

We Offer The Best Combination Of Prices And Services

We promise our clients we would never compromise with the quality of our iPad repair just because our rates are as economical. We assure our clients once they avail our services, we would always provide them lots of reasons to come back to us, repeatedly.

We Would Complete The Work Quickly

We also specialise in offering fast iPhone screen repair and other such services. We can finish most of the work we do in less than half an hour. We also offer warranties on our work, and our customer service is incomparable.

Phone Repairs & Phone Accessories in Parramatta

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We Help Our Clients Protect Their Phones In Style

Therefore, whenever they need iPhone repair services, they inevitably come back to us. Our clients can be sure we would provide them with all the options they need in such a context. Our phone cases are in fact among the best in the region. We are also immensely popular with our phone repairs. We have classic nude phone cases that offer the sleek and luxurious style our clients are looking for. We can offer them phone cases in colorful and bold patterns if they want something quirky to go with their dresses on special occasions.

Our Services Come With A Warranty

Not for nothing are we the best name in the region for iPad repair services. We are an authentic service provider. Therefore, we can help our clients whose iPads are still being covered by the Limited Warranty programme of Apple, AppleCare+, AppleCare, and Australian Consumer Law. We also offer the best phone accessories in the area to go with our exceptional repair work. Even if their iPads are out of their warranty period, our clients need not worry because we can help them the best in this context. Avail our world class services, now!


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Phones are an indispensable part of your life. If you have once damaged your phone and spent a few days without it, you would not know how hard it is to live without it. So, if you have once availed of services for phone repair in Parramatta, then you would not want to avail those services again. There are ways you would like to keep your phone safe from further damage. There are several ways to keep your phone safe and not take the help of phone repair in Parramatta or any other part of Australia.

Insurance is an important part of your wellbeing. When you buy something new—whether it is a car, house, furniture or even a new electronic gadget like a phone. Almost every month a new smartphone is launched in the market with new features and a higher price. Those who are into gadgets, end up discarding their own phone and buying a newly launched phone although it means burning a hole in their pockets. So, if you are spending so much money on buying a new phone, you would also want to cover it with insurance especially in case of loss or phone repairs in Parramatta.
There are several insurance companies that cover phone repairs in Parramatta. There are two kinds of insurance coverage for phones in Australia—one that covers accidental damage to phones and one that covers loss or theft of the device. The coverage that covers accidental damage covers the cost of the repair of the phone. From screen repair to charging points repair to battery replacement, the insurance covers everything. There are several companies like Vodafone, Telstra and Optus that provide mobile phone insurance in Australia. Some of the renowned mobile repair companies like Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert are covered by the insurance of these companies although they do not provide an insurance plan themselves.

Each phone accessory comes with a different warranty period. However, keeping this in mind we always provide what is best for the consumers. Therefore, being an authentic service provider in Australia, your device and accessory from Apple like iPad would be covered under the Limited Warranty programme of Apple, AppleCare+, AppleCare, and Australian Consumer Law.
We have been in the business for years and offer quality services to our customers. At our centre, you would get genuine phone accessories in Parramatta for all your replaced part. Those parts would have a limited warranty as mentioned by the manufacturer. Be assured of the receipt for the same. We cater to various kinds of repairing services for your device as well. Therefore, if we think that the problem can be addressed more simply and cost-effectively without compromising on the quality, then we go for repairs only after consultation with the device owner. If he/she wants to get the damaged part replaced, then we do the thing accordingly. We have the technicians who put all efforts to get the device back to its original condition. If your device is showing any sign of a problem, bring it to us. You would get a world-class service- repair or replacement.

Yes, at Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert, you can get phones of all platforms repaired at the best price. We are adept in dealing with the iOS platform and have the required potential to address the fault in the Android phone.
Android platform-based mobile phones are the largest selling devices and hence the number of repair cases is also high. We have professionals in the team who can address the issues that arise in Android phones. We are one of the reliable and reputed names when it comes to Samsung repair in Parramatta and hence, we need to maintain a top team of experts. The professionals deal with the following listed problems but not limited to—

  • Slow User Interface
  • Issue with Battery Drainage
  • Connectivity issues like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other cellular networks
  • Software related problems
  • Overheating
  • Synchronisation error
  • Unresponsive screens and app crashes
  • Continuous Failure of Application Download

There are other issues as well related to safety and settings. Bring to us your phone and we are going to get them fixed in the quickest time possible. We are experts in almost every problem that is associated with the Android platform. Get in touch with us to know more. It is not only Samsung devices that we deal with but also all those brands use the Android platform. Bank on us and book your services now.

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