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Phone Repairs, Now On The Fingertips In Strathfield

Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert has a team of experts who specialise in phone repairs in Strathfield. We have the right tools for repairing the phones while having the experience of dealing with each type of model. Our professionals can repair anything from the screen repairs of the iPhone to making your tab functional. They ensure to provide quality services and never delay the work. We assure all our clients of fixing the issue with your phone or tab the first time rather than compelling the customer to make multiple visits for a small thing. Moreover, we ensure to fix the issue with the device in no time.


The best part about choosing us for the repairs of any device is that we offer a guarantee on all our services. While other companies do not offer a guarantee on any of their services, we provide a 12-month guarantee on the repairs that we make. Although we commit to serve our customers better with quality services in one go, we repair the device without any additional charges under the guarantee period if anything goes wrong with the device. Many reputed companies do not offer a guarantee to their customers for their services. However, we care for our customers and value the amount they are spending on repairs.

Range Of Services

At Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert, we provide a plethora of services to our customers. Is a device not switching on?  Is there a need for emergency repairs in the device? Did anything go wrong with the iPhone? Well, one can rely on us for phone repairs in Strathfield. We have the solution for any problem arising in the phone or tab. We professionally repair any device. Our range of services includes, but does not limit to: 

  • Android phone repairs
  • Tablet repairs
  • iPhone repairs
  • Drone repairs
  • Repairing all types of computers
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Reliable Services

Being a leading name in the industry, people choose us for our reliable services. They trust us and our work. We know the needs of every customer and understand them before starting the work. Every customer looks for quality products when they approach us for the repairs of their device. Well, we assure every customer to not only fix the issue with their device but also provide them with quality products so that they do not need to replace their device sometime soon. Our customers trust us and choose our services in comparison to others who fool them in the name of quality.


We are in the industry for years and made our presence felt to every customer who reached out to us for help. Any customer who comes to us for the repair of the device looks forward to suggesting our name to their friends too. This is mainly because we have decent experience in the field and have all the qualified and trained professionals.

Our quality services helped us establish ourselves in the industry. We take pride in stating that we are the #1 company when it comes to mobile and tablet repairs.


Have you ever asked yourself, which is the most important part of a smartphone? Well, many would believe it is the battery. But then the battery is important in all cell phones. So, what is that special part in a smartphone without which it loses its ‘smart’ identity? It is the screen of a smartphone. The LCD display that gives it provides the touch interface. Along with being a very important part, it is also a very vulnerable part of your smartphone. It can get damaged with a simple drop. So, it is one of the most common issues that companies for phone repairs in Strathfield deal with.
So, if you end up breaking your screen and rendering your phone non-functional, how long do you have to wait to get it fixed? Well, the wait is not much! The estimated repair time for smartphone screens at any shop for phone repairs in Strathfield is around thirty minutes. This is the average time, but it may differ (the time span may be shorter or longer) depending on the degree of damage and the brand of the phone. Whether longer or shorter, screen repairs are relatively easier and take less time than other phone damages.

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