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iPhones are known for their long lives and are considered a valued possession by many in Australia. But if it starts, giving trouble, then going to an Apple store for repair can burn a hole in your pocket. Hence, if you are looking for an iPhone repair or any phone repairs provider, come to Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert.

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Want To Know About Us?

At Toongabbie, Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert is a phone repairs and tablet repairs service provider that most people know. We are known as the on the wheel phone repair and accessories shop in Toongabbie, suburbs of Sydney, and states of New South Wales. We are best known for our specialised services in the field of iPhone repairs and iPhone screen repairs. Our exceptional customer satisfaction, quick service, and excellent shopping experience make us win our customers’ trust.

Our Unique Selling Points

If you are looking for phone repairs for Samsung Oppo or iPhone repairs in Toongabbie, we are one of the most trusted service providers, because:

  • On the wheels service: You can either come to our shop, or we will come to you to give you the best service that is unmatched in Sydney. And all this you will get at the best affordable price.
  • Competitive pricing: Whether for iPhone screen repairs or charging point repair, if you want fair pricing, we are the best option to choose in Toongabbie. We assure you to give you a fantastic service at the best price.
  • We ensure the best quality: Our customers come to us for the top quality and best grade service that we provide. Our spare parts are so good that they perform like the original.

Do not worry if your iPhone or Samsung or Oppo phone or tablet is not functioning properly
We will be extremely happy to offer you our amazing services.

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What Do We Offer?
We offer a plethora of phone repair services to choose from:
  • Charging points repair: Phone charging points are crucial. If you need to change the charging point or replace the battery, you can always call us for the best service. We cover brands like Samsung, Oppo, and Apple.
  • Water damaged phone repair and restoration: Water can be quite damaging to your phone. If you have dropped your phone in your bathtub, no worries! We are here to repair and restore your phone to its original state. Whether it is Samsung, Apple, Oppo, or any other brand, you can always come to us.
  • Screen repair: If you have dropped your phone and cracked the screen, we are here to help! Our specialised iPhone screen repairs and glass repair for devices from other brands will come to your rescue. For the glass back covers of the iPhone, we also provide laser repair.
  • LCD replacement: If the touch sensitivity of your iPhone is not working properly, come to Dr. Ballu Mobile Phone Expert. We provide a screen and touch hardware replacement for Apple, Oppo, and Samsung.

Our Services Come With A Warranty

Not for nothing are we the best name in the region for iPad repair services. We are an authentic service provider. Therefore, we can help our clients whose iPads are still being covered by the Limited Warranty programme of Apple, AppleCare+, AppleCare, and Australian Consumer Law. We also offer the best phone accessories in the area to go with our exceptional repair work. Even if their iPads are out of their warranty period, our clients need not worry because we can help them the best in this context. Avail our world class services, now!


Yes, if you are one of those people who tried fixing your iPhone and are now looking for some professional help, we are here to help you. We have trained and knowledgeable technicians who know the right way to fix the iPhone and appropriately replace its parts. They are experienced in this job and can properly fix your iPhone in the lowest time possible. Our technicians perform the best quality phone repairs in Toongabbie and have always been providing customers with quality results.

People who try to fix their own send their semi-assembled iPhone to us for repairs and we make the specific repairs to hand over a perfectly functioning phone to them.

While there are a plethora of companies dealing in phone repairs in Toongabbie, it becomes difficult for people to choose one that will fulfil their requirements within their budget. The charges for providing quality phone repairs differ for every company. This is a deciding factor for many people looking forward to getting their phone or iPad repaired from the best shop. No matter whether the company is charging high or low for iPad repair services, most people only go for the ones that meet their budget.
Well, the price for different types of iPad repairs varies for each company providing phone repairs in Toongabbie and each kind of repair. If you have got the screen of your iPad broken, a company may provide you the services at low rates while some other company might charge high for the same services. In such a case, the company's reputation and quality will help you determine which one is better. If your iPad isn't working properly and you aren't able to use it, there might be some kind of internal issue with the iPad. The price for breaking down your iPad or repairing its malfunction will also differ as some companies might charge higher for repairing your iPad.

Yes, we do offer a warranty with our iPhone repair in Toongabbie services. One of the biggest problems that people in Toongabbie face is regarding the costs of such services. However, we assure you that with us there is no need to worry in this regard. We always keep your interests at heart while we are fixing the prices of such services. This is because we want to make sure that you get the finest deals from us. As a top-tier company in this industry, we know and understand the importance of these devices in your life. Therefore, we always put our best feet forward in these cases.
We are proud of being the market leaders and we want to be acknowledged as the leader for iPhone repair in Toongabbie. We want to give you the feeling that you get when you are working with a top brand through our work and products. We know people are apprehensive about such services. They would rather buy a new phone than get it repaired. However, we guarantee you that if you get your iPhone repaired by us it would be one of the best decisions you ever made in your life.

There is almost no difference between the aftermarket screens we provide and the refurbished screens that the original equipment manufacturers provide. However, since you ask, we would like to point out that they are not the same. There is a bit of colour difference, and our screens tend to be a bit thicker than the actual product. Else, you would not be able to make any difference with the actual screen installed by the original manufacturer. Because of these reasons, we are the top names for iPhone screen repair in Toongabbie. People always come to us when they need to get such work done.
Now there are several other reasons why you should avail of our iPhone screen repair in Toongabbie services. These days, technology has advanced a lot. Therefore, it has become so easy to repair and replace these screens and bring them back to their erstwhile self. This way you can also save a lot of time and money that you would otherwise have to spend on buying a new phone. When you use our services, you can be sure that the longevity of your mobile phone screen would be increased to a couple of years as well.

It does not take us more than 30 minutes to complete your iPhone screen repair in Toongabbie. These days, mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives and it is hard to imagine our lives without them as such. The surprising thing is that despite this people still subject these phones to rough usage. They do not get important equipment such as cases and screen protectors around their mobile phones so that they can protect them. At Dr Ballu Mobile Phone Expert, we offer you a wide array of accessories and products that can assist you in keeping your mobile phone protected.
This also makes sure that you do not need our iPhone screen repair in Toongabbie as much as would have happened otherwise. We have spent several years in the business now and this is a major reason why we can offer such great services that can rarely be matched, let alone bettered. When you buy from us you can be sure that you would be getting the finest accessories as well as the best repair services in the region. So, if your mobile phone screen is cracked or broken for some reason, please bring it to us.

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